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What films has Rachel Lee Cook starred in She Is All This?

Be prepared to feel old, nineties children. In this she is all classic for teenage cinema – riff on the play by George Bernard Shaw Pygmalion, just turned 20. In the film, Rachel Lee Cook starred in the role of the Ugly Duckling who became a swan, Leini Boggs. Freddie Prince Jr. played Zack Silera, a popular guy whose best friend challenges him to turn her into a prom queen.

Since its release in 1999, In this she is all earned a place in the hall of fame teenage cinema along with films such as Pretty in pink, ignorant, and Mean Girls. And this is a microcosm of the pop culture of the late 90s, with the participation of Asher (as a school DJ), Liil Kim and Gabriel Union, cameos from BuffySarah Michelle Gellar, Fatboy Sliema’s choreographic dance sequence, set for The Rockafeller Skank, and a romantic kiss in the final scene that turned the song Kiss Me into Sixpence None the Richer.

For the leading actress Cook, the film is probably the one with which she is still most associated. But since In this she is all she began to appear in many other films and TV shows.

First roles in the movie Rachel Lee Cook

Before getting the role of Boggs, Cook was a child model. Her first role as an actress was in the 1995 film. Club nanny where she played the book mary anne spear. That same year she was in Tom and Huck with Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Brad Renfro. She played Becky Thatcher.

In 1997, she played the role of young Jackie-O in House Yes. In 1998, she appeared in All i want to do With Kirsten Dunst and Gabi Hoffman as a group of students in a preparatory school for girls who oppose a planned merger with a school consisting only of men. Cook told the Huffington Post that her work in these two films attracted the attention of producers. In this she is all.

Cook also appeared in a television movie Country of Justice and starred in memorable anti-drug PSA before In this she is all,

Her career after In this she is all

After In this she is all Cook was in Bumblebee flies anyway with Elijah Wood. Her next main lead role was Josie in the 2001 film Josie and Pussy. This film fell through the box office. Other films from the early 2000s did not make much of an impression, including Antitrust, Blow Dry, and Texas Rangers.

Cook continued to act in films during the 2000s, but she seems to have achieved more success on television. From 2006 to 2018, she provided the voice of various characters on Robot Chicken. She also had recurring roles on the show. psychology and Las Vegas. From 2012 to 2015, she starred as Kate Moretti on the TNT show. Perception. She also starred in several films for Hallmark and Lifetime, including the upcoming Valentine in the vineyard, which will be broadcast on the Hallmark Channel on February 2.

She is also a mother of two.

In 2004, Cook married actor Daniel Gillis. (He is best known for his role as Elijah Mikaelsson on The Vampire Diaries.) The couple have two children, a son and a daughter. She talked about the difficulties of being a working mom in Hollywood, noting that it does not always make sense to take on smaller roles.

“Well, my husband works on a full-time show, I know that the most difficult thing is the huge number of people I find it inconvenient to go to work,” said Cook She Knows in 2016. In addition, the decision whether the project makes sense not only as a career, but also financially, now plays a role. A lot of funny little movies will cost us money by the time we pay for the extra service. ”

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