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Twitter returns Mac app using Apple Catalyst

Apple introduced Project Catalyst last week, an initiative designed to allow developers to port their iPad apps to their Mac.

At that time, Apple called several partners, including Twitter, and today Twitter has provided more details about its upcoming Mac application.

Twitter says it will use its existing iOS code base to bring Twitter on a Mac, but will add native Mac functions on top of existing Ipad experience to make the app better suited for Mac.

We are pleased that Project Catalyst will allow us to get Twitter back on Mac using our existing iOS codebase. We can also add native Mac features over existing ones. Ipad experience, maintaining the efficiency of the service, as we continue to improve this common code base in the coming years.

Twitter was previously a Twitter for Mac application, which was discontinued in February 2018 due to the fact that Twitter gave Mac users the right to use Twitter to work on the Internet.

The previous Twitter application for Mac has never received much attention to Twitter. In 2015, the company said that it would redirect its efforts to embed new functions in a Mac application, but even after adding new features, the application did not gain popularity and received mostly negative reviews in the App Store.

According to Twitter, the previous version of the Mac application was discontinued because it was not possible to maintain two separate code bases. Twitter wanted to focus on the network and on mobile devices, not on the Mac, but thanks to the new Twitter for Mac, which can use the existing iOS code base, you need to make less to make the Mac application accessible.

The new Twitter application for Mac will use our existing iOS code base, rather than being created from a separate code base, following the same successful strategy that we used with the Web to expand our supported clients. By supporting key Mac-specific behaviors over our iOS code, we can maintain parity of functions in our iOS and Mac applications with relatively low maintenance costs.

Twitter reports that the future Mac application will have full parity of features with other Twitter platforms, as well as additional changes, such as resizing windows with dynamic content, multi-window support, custom notifications, dragging and keyboard support.

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