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Tokyo organizers praised the "diligent" Olympic example

TOKYO: The “diligent” preparations for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020 are excellent examples for future applications, according to the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach.

Speaking at the General Assembly of the National Olympic Committees (ANC) in Tokyo on Thursday, Bach praised his hosts after speaking to delegates.

“There are solutions in everything, and there are already solutions,” said the German in his main speech. “The facilities are ready or will be ready on time. Next year you will experience big test events.

"Tokyo really is an example for the diligent preparation for the Olympic Games, and I would like to thank and once again congratulate our friends from the Tokyo Organizing Committee."

During a visit this week to Japan, which included trips to Fukushima with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and offices and places in Tokyo 2020, Bach pleased the hosts for the next summer games that start in July 2020.

Concerned about the candidate cities for the 2026 Winter Olympics, the recent Russian doping scandal and the controversial election of a new leader watching amateur boxing, Bach will be pleased with the stability provided by Tokyo’s solid progress.

During his speech at the General Assembly, the director general of the organizing committee of Tokyo 2020, Toshiro Muto, said that the focus of the Games would be on “soft heritage”.

“The games of 1964 (in Tokyo) turned the city into a new infrastructure, such as the shinkansen (bullet train) and the metropolitan expressway that contributed to economic development in Japan,” he explained.

“For the 2020 Games, we would like to pay special attention to a soft legacy, rather than a heavy legacy. Games will lead to social change and create a truly inclusive society for all.

"The games in Tokyo 2020 will be long remembered as a catalyst for the largest social transformations for Tokyo and Japan in this era."

(Reporting by Jack Tarrant, editing John O & # 39; Brian)

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