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Team up to compete with Netflix, TV broadcasts from the U.K network.

Of course, along with innovations competing with Amazon Prime and Netflix, U.K. must continue to cooperate with them.

“Global players recognize the value of localizing their content,” she said. “But if they want to entrust programs that are truly British, these US companies will have to use public service traditions, regional bases and world-class talents that stimulate content that U.K. users demand.”

Ofcom statistics show that in 2017, subscriptions to streaming services for the first time acquired a traditional pay-TV, such as Sky, in U.K.

“Far from being afraid of FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google), we now have the opportunity to reach them,” said White. “Netflix and Amazon are already major investment partners for U.K. … And the studio hands of our broadcasters will benefit from this investment. ”

At the same time, she noted that “compromises” are associated with this, when broadcasters encounter ultimatums, such as sacrificing primary rights – the right to show a program before the streaming service – in exchange for funding.

Streaming giants have a history of working with U.K. broadcasters to create content for their platforms. Netflix is ​​currently working with the BBC on a new production of Dracula, while Amazon is releasing programs such as Vanity Fair with ITV and King Lear with the BBC. Good Omens, the next original British show Amazon Prime, is released by BBC Studios.

A BBC spokesperson told CNBC via e-mail: “We have been advocating cooperation for a long time, as you can see from the past, and obviously there are a number of things that we are looking at in the future – as long as there is nothing to announce today, a positive regulatory environment is important for the future. ”

Earlier this month, British politicians called on the US government to protect traditional television stations from the "estimate" by the power of online streaming services.

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