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Team 17 announces Hell Let Loose WW2 FPS

As the cycle begins again, the arrows of World War 2 are back in fashion, and Hell Let Loose is ready for the front lines. Developed by the new Black Matter studio, this is a sophisticated semi-realistic shooter from World War 2 for teams of up to fifty players. There are classes of units, vehicles for driving, driving or escorting and, apparently, a strategic level of resource gathering between matches. This is due to the early release of access in 2019 after the successful 2017 Kickstarter campaign and seems to be developing quite far, as you can see in the dirty, dirty combat materials below.

In terms of frames, it looks more red in the orchestra than Battlefield 5. Bullets are extremely lethal, explosives rip bodies to shreds, and armored units feel invulnerable until the AP shell breaks through them. Each of the teams of fifty players has a commander who can issue orders using a tactical map. Whether they will most likely depend on the type of crowd that the game attracts, combined with whether there is any inherent reward for the following orders. As described, the maps also sound large and complex, based on real aerial photographs and satellite images.

Being a shameless random scrub that I am (give me regenerating shields and plasma guns any day), it all looks a bit more complicated, but I can easily see the call here for the Flare Path crowd. A realistic, more ambitious world war, created in vast forests, in hedges and in buried graves, is something that has not been resolved lately. The scale of conflicts is also interesting – fifty players of the side. You can easily in the era of battle, but I wonder if they can feel connected when the Battlefield feels wild and messy with only 64.

While the Black Matter and their publishing team 17 are not ready to give a date, Hell Let Loose should be launched as an early access in the new year. You can find it here on Steam.

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