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Police accused of sexual abuse after voting

Kenyan police are accused of committing much of the sexual violence reported during opposition protests last year as a result of elections, the Kenya National Human Rights Commission in Kenya said on Wednesday.

The new report of the commission focuses on alleged rape in gangs and other abuses during the noise between the announcement of the results of the presidential elections on August 11 and the Supreme Court. On October 26, he appointed a new vote. President Uhuru Kenyatta won this vote by boycotting the opposition after the court annulled the first, citing "violations and illegal actions."

Victims of sexual assault claimed that the perpetrators included ordinary citizens, perpetrators, and members of the security forces, who reportedly accounted for 54 percent of the 201 registered cases, the report says.

“From the conclusions of the KNCHR, it can be concluded that sexual violence is used as a weapon for an election conflict,” the report says.

The National Police of Kenya stated that it rejected “in the aggregate” the “sensational, absurd” statements of the report and urged any person who has been sexually abused by an officer to inform his civilian supervisory authority for investigation.

The report states that sexual abuse was used as a “punishment” in certain areas, especially in Nyanze and Nairobi, with targeted areas of the opposition and the ruling party. Most of the victims were women from low-income areas, with the youngest victim being 7 and the oldest 68.

The report states that sexual abuse took the form of rape and gang rape, and in some cases parents were sexually abused in front of their children.

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