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Odds for the World Women's Championship, forecasts for 2019: betting lines, the choice of experts for the national teams of the Netherlands and Cameroon

Teams coming out of the dramatic opening matches will fight on Saturday at the 2019 Women's World Cup, when the Netherlands plays in Cameroon in Group E. The match starts at 9 am Eastern time from Hainaut Stadium in Valenciennes, France. The Netherlands beat New Zealanders with a 1: 0 score to replace Gilles Ruurd at the time of the injury, while Cameroon showed an inspiring performance, losing 1: 0 to Canada, which ranks fifth in the world. In the Sportsbooks bookmakers, the list of Dutch favorites is -825 (runs the risk of $ 825 to win $ 100) in the latest Netherlands vs. Cameroon odds. Cameroon goes to 2350 ($ 100 risk to win $ 2,350), and the draw on the list is +700 ($ 100 risk to win $ 700). The excess of the total number of goals scored – two. You should see European soccer expert David Sumpter speak about the match before making any predictions of Holland vs. Cameroon or your own predictions for the 2019 World Cup.

Sumpter is an applied mathematician who wrote the book Soccermatics, which explains how mathematics works in sports. Together with other experienced analysts, Sumpter developed a powerful Soccerbot model.

Soccerbot reads current odds and all team performance data, calculates key indicators and predicts matches. Over the course of three seasons since its inception, Soccerbot raised an incredible 2,000 percent in the Premier League elections. That's right – 2000 percent!

And the model crushes the group stage of the World Cup in 2019, returning 625 dollars to everyone who follows it. The model correctly named the stunning Japan-Argentina draw (+825) – more than 8: 1 – and beat New Zealand all over the Netherlands, Germany overtook Spain and England, beating Scotland in its first matches.

Now the model has cut numbers for the Netherlands against Cameroon. We can tell you that he is leaning, but his much stronger play on the money line is the Netherlands – Cameroon, saying that one side has all the value. You can see this exclusively on the SportsLine.

This model is well acquainted with the Dutch player, one of the best players in the world in Lika Martens, who scored the first goal of the Netherlands in 2015 at the World Championships. Orange lionesses took 8th place in the world and won five games in a row. They also have a successful pedigree at international competitions, winning the European Championship in 2017.

But the fact that the Dutch have a more brilliant pedigree does not mean that they will provide the value of the money line the Netherlands against Cameroon.

Cameroon left the group stage at the last World Cup and won seven of their last 11 matches. The star striker Madeleine Ngono Mani, who plays professionally in France, is a lethal scorer with 26 career goals in international competitions. Cameroon has shown a solid defense against Canada, having upset a higher-ranking team, having built a number of defenders behind the midfielder and counting on a counterattack.

So who will win Cameroon against the Netherlands? Where is the full value of the bets? Visit SportsLine right now to find out which side of the Cameroon / Netherlands money line you need to be all Saturday, all of the European model, up 2000% higher than book closing rates.

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