Monday , January 25 2021

Mix 96 – News – 47% of HIV-infected got into Bucks last year “too late”

In 2017, 47% of people diagnosed with HIV in Buckinghamshire were diagnosed late.

This means that the disease will start to harm their immune system, and this is what the campaign this week is intended to change.

This is the National Week of HIV testing, and there is a desire to get as many tests as possible.

If you have HIV, the sooner you learn and start treatment, the better for your health. Effective HIV treatment means that you can expect to live until someone else avoids serious diseases and not miss the virus. In short, testing gives you control.

This is important in Buckinghamshire, as recent data show that 47% of people newly diagnosed with HIV in Bucks in 2017 were late diagnosed, compared with 41% at the national level, that is, the virus could already harm its immune system.

As part of the bSHaW Buckinghamshire sexual health and well-being service, the Terrence Higgins Trust team – the leading UK-based charity organization on HIV and sexual health – will offer free, fast and confidential testing throughout the week.

Staff and volunteers from the charity will be at New Bucks University on Tuesday, November 20, and at Buckingham University on Wednesday, November 21, offering students HIV testing on campus.

This year, the campaign calls on people to “give HIV a finger” by conducting a simple, painless and quick HIV test, especially for those groups most affected by HIV, such as gays and bisexuals, as well as black African men and women.

Noel Brown, a member of the Buckinghamshire County Cabinet for Community and Public Health participation, said:

“Achievements in medicine mean that it is quite possible to live a normal life with HIV, but it completely depends on an early diagnosis.

“If there is a chance that you might be at risk of getting HIV, there is absolutely nothing left to be in the dark. Find out that you regained control, and make sure that you can take advantage of the excellent treatment that is available. "

Nigel Franz, an expert on HIV and sexual health at the Terrence Higgins Trust, said:

“This National HIV Testing Week we encourage everyone who may be at risk and get a free confidential HIV test. HIV testing happens quickly and easily, getting your results in less than 15 minutes.

“Today, if you are testing positive, effective treatment means that you can live as long as anyone else, and when the amount of virus in your blood decreases to undetectable levels, it means that you cannot get HIV. Testing puts you under control and nothing to fear. ”

Locals in Buckinghamshire can also take a free and confidential HIV test at any local bSHaW sexual health clinic.

To find the nearest clinic, refer to the search service at

Free, confidential self-testing is available for men who have sex with men, black African men and women, and the transgender community.

The test can be ordered at

For more information about National HIV Testing Week, visit:

This week of testing, young people between the ages of 15 and 24 will also be asked to undergo a free test for chlamydia to help fight the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted infection.

Free chlamydia mail sets are also available via online or through and clicking "I need a mail set of chlamydia".

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