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MIT Researchers

It has been developed that it can be a bitter-skinned, squishy ping-pong ball when it reaches the massachusetts Institute of Technology.

According to the engineers, it has received the following guidelines:

“Existing ingestible devices are made up of less than a few days,”Xuanhe Zhao, PhD, an associate professor of mechanical engineering at MIT and co-author of the study, told NutraIngredients-USA.

Moreover, no endoscopy is needed to set up monitoring devices when using the jelly-like pill. “Our smart pill can be orally administrated as a common pill,” He explained. “It can be used for a month.”Go

Dr Zhao leads the eponymous Zhao Lab at MIT, which, according to its website, Is an interdisciplinary research group with a mission “Forwarding, water, security, and peace of mind.”Go

The first published paper on this device was published yesterdayIn the journal Nature Communications. It has been shown that it has been possible to use it for a long time.

Implications for the nutrition spaceGo

Thoughts first published on the paper, it has been noted.

“The dietary pH, temperature, pressure, and many other biomarkers can be correlated,”He said.

“The smart hydrogel can be measured over the long term such as a month. Diet patterns, and even customize healthy meal plans. ”Go

Additionally, there is a potential to develop the pill for appetite suppression. " This can be a simple yet very impactful application of our technology, ” He said.

It is impossible to use the microbiome space.

“The intestine can help to reduce the intestine and intestine environment. We are actively studying a number of these applications, ”Dr Zhao said.

Source: GoNature communicationsGo
Published online,
“Ingestible hydrogel device”Go
Authors: Xiunyue Liu, et al.

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