Thursday , January 28 2021

Microsoft could release a Xbox One disc-less – TechCrunch

According to the Xbox One family. But no blu-ray drive.

The Xbox One. Xbox One S officially starts at $ 299 but you can currently find it around $ 250 on Amazon. The Xbox One could start at $ 199.

If you are a For those who have a slow internet connection.

Back when Microsoft Xbox One in 2013 Your Xbox account. After that, you could play the game even without inserting the disc. Microsoft for 30 days.

After some backlash, the Microsoft system gave rise to this plan. There are more games than ever.

Microsoft also thinks. With the Xbox Game Pass for $ 10 per month. You can subscribe to EA Access on the Xbox One. Eventually, you could imagine replacing the Xbox with a streaming service. But we’re not there yet.

According to Thurott, Microsoft is also a bit cheaper. This is a traditional disc drive.

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