Thursday , January 28 2021

Hwange Colliery Mine Rescuers Finally, removing the body from the snake well

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS from Hwange Colliery Company Limited (HCCL) yesterday used the hooks to finally catch the body of a man Lupane, who was allegedly fatally bitten by a snake last Wednesday.

The Civil Protection Group (CP) enrolled the sub-aquatic police unit, rangers from Zimbabwe Parks and the Wildlife Conservation Authority, the Forestry Commission, the Bulawai Fire Brigade and underground mining experts, who were reportedly unable to get a body because afraid of the snake.

A police spokesman for the chief inspector of the Matabeléland North, Siphiva Makonese, confirmed that the body of Sandil Mguni (25) was taken around 7 am yesterday by rescuers and HCCL officers from the Fire Brigade.

She said that the body is still intact and is considered to be posthumous.

It turned out that the well in the estate of Mr. Glen Moyo in the village of Mkarabuli under the head of the Mabbiqua is actually 49 meters, and not 45 meters earlier.

“The body was delivered this morning by rescuers from officers Hwange and fire brigade officers.

The results will be determined posthumous, but we are still collecting it in one form, ”she said.
It is unclear to which sea the body belongs.

Gomosa Ward 12 Counselor Malaka Tshuma said that the villagers were happy that the question that had become a conversation about the Lupane region is now being closed.

“Some mining experts came, and the villagers helped them catch the body with hooks. They dropped the hooks down the well and dragged it around 7am. The body was still in one place, and the villagers were happy that they were removed from the well. Now we are waiting for posthumous results, ”he said.

HCCL Corporate Affairs Manager, Ms. Rugare Dobby, said the coal company sent rescuers as part of its corporate social responsibility.

“As HCCL, we are very active in helping the communities around us as part of our corporate social investments and donating to the community. Our Proto / rescue team along with the Bulawayo team fired this morning and fished the body of 25-year-old Lupana. As a company, we say well that the Proto team saved the day. This is a clear indication that our preparedness to respond to emergencies as a company is good. We also actively participated in fomenting fires around communities with a recent recent visit to the village of Makvika, ”she said.

For seven days, rescue teams from various government departments and private players were unable to remove the body.

They were afraid to enter the well, told the Chronicle.

On Monday, the professional hunter Bulaway and the snake catcher, Mr. Ross Johnston, who runs the Victoria Falls and Snake Park Metro History Museum, failed to enter the well, saying that it was too narrow for him.

He descended 20 meters when he left the mission.

It is reported that the villager put on some rags and entered the well, but also left the mission after passing 46 meters when he was choking.

He reported that he had seen the body at the bottom of the well.

Mguni was imprisoned with two colleagues for the rehabilitation of the well. He descended into it using a rope when he shouted that he was bitten by a snake.

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