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Grimes released a new song "We appreciate the power" with Hana – Rolling Stone

On Wednesday evening, Grimes released her first new song from a critical point of view since 2015 Artistic angelsThe new track, “We High Value Power”, includes Hana (longtime co-author) and is considered the first single from her upcoming fifth album. The accompanying lyrical video displays several languages ​​and appears to be in the world of dystopia, and artists advertise various types of weapons as they slowly rotate.

“We value power” is, in fact, the most aggressive single of Grimes, released to date. Somewhere between power and simple industrial ones (with an extended bridge resembling the broadest moments in last fantasy point), this is clearly the year 2018, apply a stone from Nine Inch Nails-esque. While Artistic angels saw Grimes begin experimenting with more traditional instruments — namely, guitars — after the muted synthetic experiments of 2012 VisionsThis is another step forward in the same direction.

A new song appears after a noisy, loud year for a musician. In February, she took Instagram to announce that she would not release any new music “soon”, because “the music industry is rubbish”. Grimes continued to produce several collaborations with Janelle Monáe, Poppy and Loona. This year, she also appeared in the headlines of her relationship with technical magnate Elon Musk. She defended Tesla’s union practices and was apparently responsible for Muska’s short-term torture with rapper Azealia Banks, who claimed she was trapped in her home at Ingram.

“We appreciate the power” was announced with its album cover on Tuesday evening along with the new sales agent Grimes with a recognized logo.

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