Sunday , January 17 2021

Fortnite 6.3 Update adds Wild West limited time mode

Like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite continues its weekly update cadence with the latest version, which updates version 6.3 content. Fortnite 6.3 content update adds a new limited temporary mode called Wild West, and now it works on Android, iOS, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The download size of Fortnite 6.3 updates is about 150 MB on iOS. Fortnite Wild West LTM replaces the previous LTM Food Fight. In Fortnite Wild West LTM, you will fight against opponents with Western weapons, such as six shooters, hunting rifles and dynamite.

Fortnite 6.30 Update Wild West LTM patch notes

  • Summary: the fight for Victory Royal using a limited set of weapons and items such as hunting rifles, shotguns and dynamite.
  • Available weapons: a hunting rifle, a shotgun for pumping, a gun with a double barrel, six shooters
  • Available items: fire, dressings, medical kits, dynamite, straw
  • Supplies drops: epic six shooters, legendary shotguns with double keg, juice slurp

It was previously announced that Fortnite for Xbox One will soon receive keyboard and mouse support. At X018, Microsoft said that this feature will be available to the popular warhead boiler from November 14th. And if you were worried that keyboard and mouse players from Fortnite have an advantage, Epic Games will match Fortnite keyboard and mouse players with those who use the same input method to match matches. Other games for keyboard and mouse support include DayZ, Warframe, War Thunder, Vermintide 2, Moonlighter and Warface to name a few.

Keyboard and mouse support will not be enabled by default for Xbox One games and will instead be “added on a“ title ”basis, entirely at the discretion of the developers,” Microsoft said when it announced this feature back in September. He also added: “Each development team knows its names best, and we support them in creating the right experience for their games on their own to ensure an optimal and fair gaming experience.”

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