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Charlotte Crosby takes a wild party the same night as the audience of Vicki Pattison.

Charlotte Crosby and Vicki Pattinson have not met face to face for a very long time – but their differences could not have been more dramatic if their respective viewing sides were anything to go through.

Last night, not only was Charlotte’s second episode “The Charlotte Show” on MTV, but also the debut of Vicky Pattison: The Break Up on TLC, a unique wiki, which recorded not the wedding day she hoped for, but the consequences of her heartbreaking separation with john noble.

And both channels decided to broadcast both shows in the same 10-hour slot, which means that viewers of Geordi Shore made a painful decision on how to show their loyalty.

Charlotte opened her holiday home for the biggest blow she ever threw

While Vicky was crying on the shoulders of her friends

Charlotte announced her second series with a wild party, inviting celebrities, journalists and cameras to her own home in Newcastle to watch the show on her huge television.

Meanwhile, Vicki was sitting in a friend's house with a hamburger and was constantly drunk when she watched her crying on the screen with her mom.

Charlotte was joined by Joshua Richie, DJ Tom Zanetti, Callie Jane Beach and her old colleagues in the film Holly Hagan, James Tyndale, Abby Holborn and Sophie Kasai, when she threw open the doors to her selfless fun house.

Other stars that appeared were Kendall Ray Knight on the Isle of Love, Kadi McDermott, Georgia Steele and Ellie Brown, as well as Bobby Norris and Shelby Tribble from TOWIE.

Charlotte has been joined by many stars of reality.

Her guests were drinking and drinking in abundance.

Her star punch celebrated the second series of The Charlotte Show

She did her best to prepare her multi-million dollar mansion for the party, splashing on real flower walls and huge light boxes in her garden, which meant the Charlotte Show.

Charlotte also had 600 balloons scattered and a DJ box where an electric saxophonist entertained the hordes after the show ended.

Outside, there were stalls for horses, turned into a bar counter, where gin and tonic and beer were served to a thirsty crowd, and next to it there were plates of cheese, cold snacks and crudes.

After the party, Charlotte handed out gourmet bags sponsored by In The Style and packed by her mother for all the revelers before booking them on the bus to take them to a party in Dirtis in downtown Newcastle.

Drunk Charlotte brought her guests to the club at a coach party

Her fellow mom joined her at a party.

Speaking of noise when she embraced Josh on the bus, Charlotte told her followers on Instagram: “I can't believe the slaughter, I know it will be a big party, but wow.

"I just reunited with my boyfriend, whom I haven't seen all night."

While Charlotte was having a party in the north, Vicky had a much more modest party in London.

The grieving star celebrated its special reality by going to the house of friend James Rudland along with another friend, DJ Gavin Fourd.

In contrast, Vicky did not make a brilliant party.

She's tucked into burgers with a handful of mates

Talking about how she was preparing for a tiny McDonald's party with delivery, Vicki wrote: “I think I'm ready … Jin, Big Macs with bacon, comfortable things and some of the best people I've “I've met in my life.” … if this is not the best way to watch TV, I do not know what it is? !! "

On the eve of 10 pm Vicki drank gin for gin to raise her spirits.

“Eagerly for McDonald's and attention. Two genies, I'm very nervous, ”she wrote on Instagram.

“Ahhh! It happens. I was just amazed that it would be hard, how damn looking. It's good that I'm angry. ”

Emotional Vicki kept drinking her whole show

She kept the cloths at hand

Vicki managed to go through the first part of her show with a massive box of napkins in front of her.

“We play a drinking game where I have to drink every time I cry on the screen. I'm damn mortal! God, I hate what this man did … ”she said.

“I love my mom, she is so damn wise. The first part of the breakup was difficult to observe, so sorry if it was difficult for you. But believe me, it will get better – I am not crying now. "

Later, Vicky, well-refreshed, showed that she was “so furious” when she climbed into the back of a taxi with Gavin to sing ballads.

Vicki said she hates what John did to her

Once close friends, Vicky and Charlotte no longer speak after a lengthy feud.

Vicki showed last year that they grew apart and no longer “move in the same circles.”

She added: “Since I left Jordi Shore, I moved and mostly settled in London. I wish them well, and although I don’t see them, I really know what they are doing, and I think they are fine. "

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