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AWS Tries to Lure Windows Users Using Amazon FSx for Windows File Server – TechCrunch

Amazon has file storage options for Linux file servers for some time, but he admits that a number of companies still use Windows file servers and are not happy with the concession of this Microsoft market. Today, the company announced Amazon FSx for Windows File Server to provide a fully compatible version of Windows.

“You get your own Windows file system, supported by fully managed Windows file servers, accessible via the widely used SMB (Server Message Block) protocol. Amazon FSX for Windows File Server, built on SSD storage, provides bandwidth, IOPS and consistent millisecond performance that you (and your Windows applications) are expecting, ”wrote AWS Jeff Barr on the blog, introducing a new feature.

This means that if you use this service, you have a first-class Windows system with all compatibility with the Windows services you expect, such as Active Directory and Windows Explorer.

AWS CEO Andy Yassi unveiled a new feature today at AWS Re: Invent, the company's client conference that is being held in Las Vegas this week. He said that even though the use of the Windows file server is decreasing, as more and more IT professionals are turning to Linux, there are still quite a few customers who need a Windows-compatible system, and they wanted to provide them with a service to move their Windows files to the cloud

Of course, it doesn't hurt that it provides a way for Microsoft customers to use AWS instead of accessing Azure for these workloads. Companies implementing a multi-cloud strategy should have a fully compatible option.

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