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alcohol: how many drinks are too many drinks? Too much alcohol can change your DNA.

NEW YORK: Do you drink a lot? Take note Researchers, including those of Indian origin, warn that alcohol, among other things, adversely affects your health, and can also cause long-term genetic changes that lead to even greater alcohol abuse.

“We found that people who drink a lot can change their DNA in such a way as to make them crave more alcohol,” said Deepak C. Sarkar, a professor at Rutgers University in the United States.

“This can help explain why alcoholism is such a strong addiction, and it can one day promote the emergence of new treatments for alcoholism or help prevent drug addiction among people at risk,” said Sarkar.


During the study, scientists focused on two genes involved in controlling alcohol-related behavior: PER2, which affects the body's biological clock, and POMC, which regulates our stress response system.

Comparing the groups of moderate, drunk and drunk, the team found that these two genes changed into drunk and drunk as a result of the process of modifying genes under the influence of alcohol called methylation, according to results published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.

In addition, binge and alcoholics also showed a decrease in gene expression or the rate at which these genes create proteins. These changes are magnified with an increase in alcohol consumption.

In addition, in another experiment, drinkers saw stress-related, neutral or alcoholic images. They were also shown containers of beer and subsequently tried the beer, and their motivation to drink was evaluated.

The results showed that alcohol-induced changes in the genes of drinking and alcoholism were associated with a great desire for alcohol.

The results may ultimately help researchers identify biomarkers — measurable indicators, such as proteins or modified genes — that can predict the risk to humans from overeating or drinking, Sarkar said.

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