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Why the vice chairman of Nha Trang City Le Huy will be prosecuted, seek?

Thursday, 29/11/2018 00:30 (GMT + 7)

Le Huy Toan was held accountable for the alleged irregularities in compensation, assistance and resettlement in the draft city of Hoang Long in this city.

Confirming the charges of “irresponsibility causing serious consequences”, the search in the workplace and the residence of Le Huy Toan, head of the Hanh Hoa provincial police, confirmed Mr. Toan related to the incident in the urban area of ​​Hoang Long.

Le Huy Toan (born 1964, a native of Quang Binh Province, based in Phuoc Hoa Ward, Nha Trang) is currently a member of the Board of Directors and Vice Chairman of the Nha Trang People’s Committee. Mr. Toan is the Chairman of the Compensation and Relocation Resettlement Committee (referred to as the Compensation Council) of the Hoang Long Tourist City Zone.

In addition to Mr. Toan, the investigative body also brought the accused to criminal responsibility, searched his place of residence, his workplace and the ban on leaving the residence of Mr. Luong Hui Gyap – a member of the planning and finance department and Mr. Vo Mo-lama. Department of Nha Trang City Government with the same indictment "The lack of responsibility, causing serious consequences."

On November 27, 2018, the People’s Prosecutor’s Office of the province of Hanh Hoa approved the decision to open a case and brought the CSO to justice, and today (28-11), the CSDT, to decide this.

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Khan Hoa Provincial Police searched Mr. Le Huy Toan’s home on the morning of the year 28-11, before many people were surprised.

The event took place in a project in the urban area of ​​Hoang Long (Phuoc Long ward, Nha Trang city), invested by UPGC Construction and Geological Investment Company Limited. This case was investigated and investigated by the Han-Hoa police and police.

Accordingly, by mid-2016, the Khan-Hoa police received information that many households received compensation and land was allocated for resettlement in the urban area of ​​Hoang Long. Investigators quickly identified Mr. Nguyen Khan Hung (resident of Phuoc Long Chamber) as a person and provided false documents to the needy.

In October 2017, the CSO of the Hanh Hoa Provincial Police issued a decision to institute criminal proceedings in the case of “Forgery of documents of an organization” accused of charges against Hung. As a result of the search, the police arrested about 150 books of temporary residence, hundreds of other documents … were marked in red, signed, separate content of vacant.

From the Hung case, police identified a number of members of the compensation committee set up by the Nha Trang People’s Committee, using fake documents and documents for more than 40 cases. allocated land for relocation to the above project. Most of these erroneous entries are approved by the Compensation Board.

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Fake documents that Hanh Hoa provincial police seized accused Hung

Continue the investigation, the police indicated that Mr. Do Vinh, Nguyen Ngoc Khan is an employee of UPGC (members of the working group of the Compensation, Support, Resettlement Council) used many erroneous records. create more land for relocation. In December 2017, the police department of the province of Khanh-Hoa province continued to prosecute the case of “Forgery in work”, pursuing the arrested temporary detainees Vinh and Khan. Then the People's Committee of Nha Trang decided to cancel more than 40 decisions on the resettlement of land.

A broad investigation, in the years 10–2018, the Han-Hoa police continues to make a decision to prosecute the accused employees of VU Thi Mai Huong-Nha Trang VFF, the former chairman of Phuoc Long and Nguyen. Duc Kuong, a land official in Phuoc Long Chamber, is investigating "Violation of the rules on compensation, support and resettlement when the land is restored by the state."

Thus, due to the fact that in order to obtain false data to determine the level of resettlement in the area of ​​the city of Hoang Long, the Police Department of the CDA of the province of Hanh Hoa prosecuted 8 defendants.

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Why the vice chairman of Nha Trang City Le Huy will be prosecuted, seek? - four

Hoang Long city zone project is not finished yet

Hoang Long City District is located in Phuok Long District, Nha Trang City, which was approved by the provincial people's committee in 2012. On February 2, 2015, the project was renamed and transferred to a limited liability company. MTV Construction Investment and Geological UPGC as an investor with a total area of ​​about 26 hectares, the total investment is about 470 billion.

In accordance with the decision to approve the investment policy of the project of the People’s Committee of Hanh-Hoa, in 2012-2013 this project will complete ground clearance and leveling; 2014-2015 construction of a full technical infrastructure and business deployment. However, this work has not yet been completed.

Prosecutor’s Office, House Inspectorate Vice Chairman Nha Trang People’s Committee

Le Huy Toan, deputy chairman of the Nha Trang People’s Committee (Khanh Hoa), was prosecuted by the investigative police …

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