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Who 7X generation, 8X do not forget this divine food – 24-hour kitchen

Thursday, 29/11/2013 3:00 (GMT + 7)

Cassava pasta filled with corn and pickled cucumbers, pickled cucumbers and pickled cucumbers for poverty, always pursuing, should always be economical, careful to prevent the "eight of eight" food shortages. If there are several dishes left without chicken, but think about how to convert new food into life due to lack. The days are sunny, the food is a little less, the mother often brings dried to serve as raw material for fried dry rice.

Excess rice will be spread throughout the mother and dried on the porch or roof of the tank. On hot summer days, the mother watched the birds fall down, for many days the wind blew slightly, leaning on a tree, looking at her eyes, but shuddered to see a little rice come across a corner.

A few days later, under the hot sun, the rice seeds began to wipe the glue in the chisel. The children were curious, tingling and slightly pale, unattractive for some thieves from a neighbor's fence. Only then, but put in a tatami jar, tightly closed, carefully placed in old wooden cabinets, there is a special warehouse in the kitchen, the drizzling winds bring north from the processing of the cast-iron pan.

Who 7X generation, 8X do not forget this divine food - 1

Often, the seeds of dried rice will stick together, so it is enough to leave the seeds to dry the mother to calm her down. Every time when he heard that his mother was going to make dry rice with fried sugar, the children hurriedly wiped their hands into their pants, wiped their nose and ran to the kitchen to watch the rice mop over low heat, Rice jumps up on the pan, it sounds great, the children just take hands behind the smoke and comment, until the seeds of drawing expand, yellow buds expand, crave for the mother to fill in the sugar with water, rice balls mixed with the seeds, mother island with quick hands so that they do not burn and not lumps. The children looked at each other, saliva spilled.

Dried rice, fried in the past, is just sugar, lemon, chili, garlic are added to the smell of the kitchen, so that children can always eat snacks to stretch the chest. I was not cold enough to see the sweet bark of sweet ears, seeing that every grain of rice gradually dissolves in the mouth, the child smolders slightly burnt hands, but is still inserted into the mouth, just chewing and blowing.

Who 7X generation, 8X do not forget this divine food - 2

Dried fried rice is a shady way, talking to winter – this is food that saves the luxury of a complex childhood, lack of time because of a grain of rice, rice as precious as jade that he had no food at all. While on cold winter days, or on a long rainy day, looking at the sky, suddenly noticed a spicy nose, recalling a spicy childhood, suddenly hungry thirst for a handful of rice, fried old age.

Old-fashioned handwriting reminds me of an old adage

Have you ever thought, from time to time we are far from sucking ice cream, the stick is attached to the same age …

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