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White skin is smooth as pomelo Mai Ngoc Phuong Mai Phuong Thuy sister

Wednesday, 11/28/2018 18:46 (GMT + 7)

Mask "Addiction" is one of the secrets that help May Phuong Thuy young skin smooth, pink.

Smooth white skin similar to grapefruit sister Mai Phuong Tui - 1

Many times Miss Mai Phuong Tewey showed a photograph with a twin sister.

Maiden name Mai Phuong Tui is Mai Ngoc Phuong, born in 1993. She has beautiful looks no less than her sister's height is 1m72 and love for the face. Compared to 12 years before he got his sister at the airport after the coronation, Ngoc Phuong is now very different. She is a clear demonstration of a movement that demonstrates “successful puberty” today. Many times, Miss Mai Phuon Tewey showed a photo with Ngok Phuong, said that the two are twins.

Smooth white skin, grapefruit-like sister Mai Phuong Tui - 2

"Successful puberty" Mai Ngoka Phuona after 12 years

Ngoc Phuong owns skin whitening, smooth as a child’s skin. Although there was a period of acne, but thanks to scientific care, she solved this problem completely.

Ngoc Phuong, sharing his beautiful skin every day, said: “My white skin is kind of tied to my mother, but she’s pretty thin, so I have to take care of that. I use sunscreen to protect my skin even on rainy days.

Mai Ngoc Phuong keeps the habit of applying a mask 3 times a week on healthy, glossy skin. She shows herself to collect paper masks and use the business she does.

Beauties each day add extra vitamin to the skin to make it really beautiful from the inside. “Every day I drink a lot of beautiful powder, 1 glass of soy milk, 1 glass of orange juice, 1 glass of fried black beans and plenty of water.” Said Ngoc Phuong.

Smooth white skin similar to grapefruit sister Mai Phuon Tui - 3

Due to full moisture, careful care, Mai Ngoka Fouong’s skin does not crack in winter

There are two irreplaceable jobs in the field of skin care Mai Ngoc Phuong: Apply sunscreen in the morning and remove makeup in the evening. Cleaning also plays an important role in the beauty process. Before going to bed, she always removes her makeup, and then cleans her face, even without makeup.

Earlier, when a rash occurred, Ngoc Phuong used the following to destroy them: “I go to get acne regularly, I use skin care products to care for my skin, and then to treat a bruise. More than a month before completely new skin, I also left a sweet and fatty food for a long time to avoid additional acne.

Not only attention to skin care, Ngoc Phuong also shared the time of beauty of the skin of the whole body. "With my whole body, I also exfoliate twice a week and use lotion daily." When I go out, I always spray sunscreen to protect my whole body from burning. ” Beautiful people share.

Thanks to the principles of meticulous skin care, as stated above, Mai Ngoc Phuong has sleek smugglers.

White skin is smooth as a grapefruit sister Mai Phuon Tui - 4

White skin is smooth as the sister of grapefruit Mai Phuong Thuy - 6

Mai Phuong Thuy white grapefruit skin - 7

Beautiful face with white skin is a highlight in the beauty of Mai Ngoc Phuong

Huyen My surprise when the face swells severely to recognize

At a recent event, Huyen My made fans because of a strange hard face.

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