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What is VND10 billion. Mr. Fan Wang Vinh?

Video garden Fan Van Vinh at home on Hung Vuong Street – Nam Dinh (workers)

Famous gardens

Testing online gambling weighing billions in GNI blamed Fan Van Vinh Hai, who has been playing bonsai for 30 years. There are many valuable trees in the collection of famous trees, including trees up to 10 billion.

The defendant was selling $ 1.1 billion bonsai to pay Nguyen Van Duong to buy Rolex watches.

This testimony of Mr. Vinh does not bring many artisans to play bonsai in Nam Dina unexpectedly. For a long time, the garden of the General Director of Police, the Ministry of Public Security was famous in Thanh We are deservedly unique.

Born in gardening in Nam Dinh province, Vinh inherited a passion for wood from childhood. This love grew when he joined the police. By the time he retires in 2017, in Mr. Vinh’s garden in a house on Hung Vuong Street, Nam Dinh is well known for many trees, spare … valuable.

Mr. Vinh's famous red leaves.

Mr. Vinh's famous red leaves.

"There are strange pear trees in front of Mr. Winch's house in Nam Dinh, we often call it a dragon fly." Inside, Mr. Vinh’s garden is more beautiful and inimitable.

Seeing Mr. Wien’s gardening arrangement, he found that he was not only a tree lover, but also the missing aesthetics of a bonsai artist, ”Mr. Nguyen Van Duong said, a bonsai artist in Nam Dinah said

The most famous of its fruit is the red leaf. This plant is known to many people who were represented at exhibitions in many places and won a gold medal at the decorative bonsai contest in Nam Dina.

However, not everyone can directly see the garden of the former CEO of the police, should be close friends, acquaintance Vinh for many years have the opportunity to look lost. Most people who know the ornamental plants of Fan Van Vinh can hear each other.

“Information Vinh has many valuable plants that are real, but not now, which I heard about several years ago, with people like Mr. Vinh, there is also such a garden. is strange.

But, unlike the large dealers of an ornamental plant, Mr. Vinh told many people that it was a passion to play on a tree, and not for an economic purpose … I heard that he also hired people to take care of gardening, ”said Duong.

10 billion bonsai trees are rare!

In an ornamental bush in Vietnam, trees are not only billions of years old, but must also be unique rarities, and viewers must also have some knowledge of the tree who can find out the price. its meaning.

“It’s not easy to get a bonsai tree,” says the plant owner. The player must understand the potential, the depth of the tree, when it is not yet “form”, and then hire professional workers who are periodically modified to have this.

Caring for plants that cost billions has accomplished such a feat, and trees worth ten billion are hundreds of times more complicated. Hung said: “With the players, the passion for bonsai is harder to take care of the trees. Just now the carelessness is broken. ”

Craftsmen playing bonsai in the area of ​​High-HI admitted that trees worth ten billion in Vietnam are calculated only on a finger. These are not only economically viable people, but must also have the “charm” of valuable trees.

"The value of these trees often lies in its historical significance." Trees that pass through the history of a storm are often more significant and valuable. Not everyone wants to sell, because it is the "soul" of the garden, as well as the owner's mind! "- commented Hung.

“If a tree is worth 10 billion guilty, then surely it must be a rare tree and bring a deep meaning to the tree,” said Fan Van Vinh. If left unattended for a long time, it will be wasted, losing the value of the tree.

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