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Trial of the destruction of the dead 2 "knights" on the "Revolutionary Road" in August

Thursday, 29/11/2018 09:01 (GMT + 7)

On November 29, the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Court opened a trial on the murder of the first instance, deliberately causing bodily harm, theft of property, causing the death of two street knights

The two accused Nguyen Tan Thai (SN 1994, residing in District 12, City of HCM) and Nguyen Hoang Chau Fu (SN 1994, resident of the Hok Mon district, HCMC) were charged with three counts of Murder, Property Theft.

Regarding the case, Ngo Van Hung (SN 1986, resident of Goh Wap district, city of the HKM) and Trin Thi Nhu (SN 1991, Hung's wife, bail) also went to court for “concealing a crime”.

According to the indictment, Nguyen Tan Tai and Nguyen Hoang Chau Fu are friends and steal motorcycles together many times, selling for money.

On the afternoon of May 13, 2018, Fu Fuk called for theft of motorcycles. Before he left, Fu took some specialized tools to steal motorcycles and knives.

Test of the murdered 2nd knight & # 34; on Cach Mang Thang Tam - 1

(Left) Tai, Hung, Fu in the morning morning reception 29-11

After that, Fu and Tai leave District 12 for the city center, looking for expensive theft of cars. When Tai and Fu hovered on Katcha Mang Thanga 8 (District 3, HCMC), the “knights” Tran Van Hoang, Nguyen Van Thoy, Nguyen Hoang Nam, Din Fu Quy, Nguyen Duc Hay, Le Van Tuyen and Din Van Van Tai discovered what follows. Tai and Fu saw the SH car unguided in front of the fashion store on Cach Mang Thang Tam (District 3) to stop the car being stolen.

Test of the murdered 2nd knight & # 34; on Cach Mang Thang Tam - 2

Tai, Fu, Hung (left) during the arrest (Photo: Police)

When Tye simply unlocked the SH car, the “knight” Tran Van Hoang ran straight to the car to make Tai, and the car fell off the road. The “Knights” Hoang, Tsui, Nam, and Tuyen arrested Tai. At this time, many blows to the “knight” group that caused Battle and Us died on the spot, Hoang was wounded.

Phu Phu gas to escape, two "knight" Huy and a clip for the neck, hold the tail. To release the gang, Ty ran to strike 2, he inflicted serious injuries. The results of the forensic examination concluded that Tran Van Hoang was injured by 68%, Din Fu Kui 45% and Nguyen Duc Hay 2%.

After the crime, Fu hid in Hoc Mon and financed a housing change. A phone call for Ngo Van Hung for a few days. Hung agreed. On Hung, Loan Borrow of. As can be seen from the news on the social network, his case is simply caused. Hun asked and told about the incident; The next day, find out the news and find out the reason for the project.

At 14-5, Ty is in Hung's house, police arrested.

At that moment, when the knight Saigon shouted "robbed, robbed" before falling

For the last 13 seconds before being stabbed, the knight tries to shout: “Steal, kidnap her, catch her!” Then …

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