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The teacher must “germinate” good qualities.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Fuk at the meeting - Photo: VGP / Quang Hieu

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Fuk at the meeting – Photo: VGP / Quang Hieu

Also present were Deputy Prime Minister Wu Duc Dam, heads of a number of ministries, branches and nearly 200 leaders, teachers representing more than 1.4 million Teachers, leaders of education throughout the country. Has outstanding achievements in planting people; Many teachers work in remote and ethnic minorities. Teachers study in leading universities or in schools for children with disabilities.

At the beginning of the speech, generations of teachers, education administrators in all regions of the country, close love, good congratulations on Teacher's Day (20/11) He told the story of a poor teacher in Vinh Long.

Half a month ago, in the media, the Prime Minister learned about the history of Master Tuk in the Mang Tit district, Vinh Long province. Despite his poor health and very poor people, he set about collecting money for clothes and books for children from dysfunctional families where he worked. Due to illness, he died recently.

Expressed emotion in front of a body mirror, a skinny teacher dedicated to the profession, the Prime Minister said, 49 days after his death, the Prime Minister, on behalf of the government, send a gift to his family, Express gratitude to teachers in a remote area.

Another story that the Prime Minister shared with his teachers at the APEC Summit in Papua New Guinea just ended yesterday – a dialogue between APEC leaders and the Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, the Prime Minister asked: “ What is your first, most important decision? ”

Christine Lagarde replied that this is education. For a society prospering in the digital age, the 4.0 revolution in education is very important. “We can say that education decides the development of society,” said the Prime Minister.

From this particular story, the Prime Minister said that at all stages of history in any country, education and training always play a very important role in the development of each person. , team, community, ethnic group. F. Engels confirmed: "People who want to stand on top of human civilization must have knowledge." The Vietnamese tradition has a precious tradition as “teacher, teacher”, “the most self-taught, semi-self”.

Therefore, at any time in history, teachers and the teaching profession always respect society. The image of the teacher, the teacher, not only associated with the spread of knowledge, but also expressed in kindness, virtue in the light, model. The Prime Minister shared that, although he graduated from high school, he still remembered photographs of every teacher in high school, even the signatures of each person in his transcript.

Speaking of President Ho Chi Minh, “a good teacher, a teacher worthy of being a teacher, is the most glorious. Despite the fact that names are not published in newspapers, they are not awarded with medals, but good teachers are unsung heroes … ”, said one of the key factors determining the quality of education. Education is the quality of teachers.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Fuk presents gifts to teachers - Photo: VGP / Quang Hieu

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Fuk presents gifts to teachers – Photo: VGP / Quang Hieu

Teacher must be exemplary

In recent years, the party and the state have always paid attention to the creation and development of a contingent of teachers and education administrators. Currently, recruitment and use of teachers have provided a basic quantity and structure. The quality of the team was raised, with more than 99% of teachers at all levels meeting the standards and above the standard level of education.

Vocational education and training have achieved many important results, emphasizing universal pre-school education for 5-year-olds and continues to expand in lower age groups; General education is recognized internationally through international rankings and prizes; Higher education has changed dramatically in world and regional rankings and is moving towards self-sufficiency in the prestige and quality of education.

According to the Prime Minister, the greatest contribution to these achievements is none other than teachers. To achieve a universal result of preschool education, thousands of teachers with a difficult life, but do not care about day and night care, both about learning, and mothers and mothers.

To achieve recognition in the world with high school teachers, there are tough innovations, innovations in education and tens of thousands of teachers in remote areas ready to burn the torch to find students. to the class

To be successful in the world ranking of universities, many dedicated and creative trainers go through their own research and teaching. Each teacher participated differently in the education reform process with commitment, commitment, responsibility and dedication.

The reform of education and training is also accompanied by many difficulties. The pressure on the teacher’s shoulder is harder, but life and income have not improved significantly, and somewhere in society they have not understood and have not shared with the teacher struggle. “I know, Tet, holidays, many agencies, divisions, enterprises may have millions of millions, but there are elementary schools, the bonus is only 100,000,” he shared difficulties with the FER. Day of teachers, teachers, especially in remote, mountainous and ethnic minorities.

The Prime Minister stressed that the profession of a teacher is the most noble profession in a noble profession. Want to have good students, they must have a good teacher. Students will receive knowledge only in the most effective and efficient way if the mentoring and leadership of teachers is truly competent and enthusiastic. Teachers not only play an important role in the dissemination of knowledge and skills, but also contribute to the formation and development of the student’s personality. Through training, the teacher must “cultivate” good qualities, creating for the student the attitude and professional potential necessary to become useful to society.

Each teacher must be a good example of ethics, self-study and creativity, and must have the ability to teach, be sensitive to helping students form and develop the right emotions, attitudes and behavior. interactions between people and society and nature.

Teachers must be truly exemplary in teaching people, teaching words. Being a teacher is difficult, but being a good teacher is more difficult. A good teacher – a teacher must have a “mind”, there is a “talent”. A mentor has a heart that loves work, enthusiasm, responsibility for work, excitement, passionate care for each lecture, lecture; Frequent research, research, training, creativity, perfect content and teaching methods to bring the most effective for students. This “mind” will become a condition, a catalyst for the maintenance and development of the “talent” of the teacher.

Competent teachers – good intellectual and pedagogical skills. Leading famous physicist Albert Einstein: “Education is not the study of the obvious, education is the preparation of mental abilities,” said the Prime Minister, that he not only won the game with extensive knowledge but also by method, transfer skills are suitable; not only on the podium, but also in the realities of social life.

Overcoming excesses, lack of local teachers

"In the current context, international integration is deepening, science and technology are developing decisively, society is changing rapidly, it requires higher education, I wish the teachers .

The Prime Minister confirmed that the party and the state will continue to take care of the development of teachers, create favorable conditions for teachers to develop their abilities, creativity and peace of mind.

The Prime Minister called for a review of the current status of teachers, providing sufficient and effective teachers. To overcome the situation of excessive shortages of local teachers in some localities.

To study the mechanisms and policies for attracting excellent and excellent students in the field of pedagogy; Regular training, education and improvement of the quality of the contingent of teachers; Adopt the importance of improving the skills of education administrators at all levels, especially in the area of ​​counseling and policy development. Carry out more information and communication activities so that the whole society can understand and share with the difficulties and difficulties the contingent of teachers and accompanying people in the matter of education and training.

Each family should also be responsible for education in the field of education, especially in matters of ethics. Educational and educational institutions are interested in creating a friendly, healthy and democratic educational environment, developing intellectual and creative potential and at the same time paying attention to the material and spiritual life of teachers.

On this occasion, the Prime Minister heard some of the issues directly raised by teachers and instructors, such as issues of interconnection, autonomy and training in accordance with social requirements.

Up to 15/8/2018, there are 1.16 million pre-school and general education teachers and about 70,000 university teachers, more than 150,000 education managers at all levels, more than 99% of teachers. The standard level and level of education are in the country.

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