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The National Assembly "fixed" the entire police sector, in which 199 people occupy the rank of general

Presenting reports explaining, receiving and revising bills before the National Assembly votes for approval, the Chairman of the Committee on Defense Security Vo Trong Viet said, having received instructions from the competent authorities, comments and in accordance with the policy of updating and reorganizing the people's police in an orderly, effective and efficiently, the Standing Committee sent a review and regulation of the number of the position of each rank; Principles and criteria determine the position of the rank in common.

In particular, in Article 25 of the Rules, the Minister of Public Security has a general; Lieutenant General – Deputy Minister of Public Security, no more than 6; The average number of not more than 35 people; The majority number does not exceed 157 people.

Congress passed a revised People's Police Act today

Congress passed a revised People's Police Act today

The rank of brigadier general applies to the Director of the Provincial or City Public Security Service directly under the central government in an area that is classified as administrative level 1 provincial level and is a key and complex area of ​​security and order. , large area, large population. However, the law determines that the number should not exceed 11.

In addition, the deputy director of the Hanoi Police and Ho Chi Minh City Police also has the rank of Brigadier General, the number of units does not exceed 3 people.

One of the new points adopted in the revised Law on the People’s Police is to turn the commune police into a force belonging to the People’s Police.

On this issue, the Standing Committee of the National Assembly stated that for the construction of the commune police there should be a “road map” to ensure feasibility, effectiveness and synchronization with the implementation of the master. The party’s policy for updating and rearranging the political system’s apparatus is streamlined, efficient and effective; Provide personnel, facilities and conditions of public security organs of communes and towns.

Therefore, the law instructed the government to specify the construction of the commune police, regular cities.

For part-time police officers, they will continue to be used to fulfill the task of ensuring security and order at the grassroots level so as not to waste human resources on the spot.

However, in order to ensure the feasibility, effectiveness and suitability of the actual situation, the draft law stipulates the principle of use, regimes and policies for part-time police forces. , training and the use of concrete will be reflected in the project and in the program, the plan of implementation of the police of the commune.

The revised People's Police Act will come into force on July 1, 1919.

The highest ranks are the ranks; promotion, promotion, deprivation of the rank of general; Appointment, removal from office, removal from office, reduction of positions with the highest rank is the general level operating from 11/1/2019.

Section 25 of the People’s Police Act amended (excerpt)

1. The highest ranks for officials are established as follows:

a) General: Minister of Public Security;

b) Lieutenant-General: Deputy Minister of Public Security. Amount not more than 6;

c) Lieutenant-General: not more than 35

Managers, commanders and their equivalents of the units of the Ministry of Public Security have one of the following criteria: the presence of the function and tasks of consulting on strategies, coordination with ministries, branches and settlements; To have a vertical system of forces operating throughout the country, and directly take primary responsibility for coordinating or participating in the coordination of the task of protecting national security, ensuring social order and security, and preventing crime; To be a function of learning, guiding and controlling the whole power of professional power;

Deputy Chairman of the Inspection Commission of the Central Committee of the Party;

Director of the Political Academy of the People’s Police, Director of the Academy of People’s Security, Director of the Academy of the People’s Police;

Director of the Hanoi Police Department, Ho Chi Minh City Police Director;

Officials seconded to the position of deputy chairman of the National Committee for National Defense and Security, or appointed deputy minister or equivalent.

d) Major General: no more than 157

Heads of units seconded to the Ministry of Public Security, and their positions and equivalent names, with the exception of the provisions of paragraph 1 of paragraph c of this article;

The provincial / municipal directorates of the Public Security Service are subdivided into provincial level 1 administrative units and key and sensitive areas to ensure security, order, wide territory and large population. Amount not more than 11;

Deputy Chairman of the Inspection Commission of the Commission of the Central Committee. Amount not more than 3;

Deputy directors, deputy commanders and equivalent subdivisions of units under the Ministry of Public Security, as indicated in paragraph 1 of section c of this article. Quantity: 17 units per unit no more than 04, the remaining units of each device no more than 3;

Deputy Director of the Police of Hanoi, Deputy Director of the Police of Ho Chi Minh City. The number of each unit must not exceed 3;

Secondary officers have the right to serve as permanent members of the National Security Committee of the National Assembly or are appointed by the Director General or equivalent.

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