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The Ministry of Industry and Trade intends to tackle the “public car business to greet the leaders at the airport.”

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is conducting an audit of the collective responsibility of those involved in servicing the blue sea at the airport to greet the minister’s relatives.

At the press conference on January 31 I will answer VnExpress According to the results of the check, "the blue sea machine welcomes the minister of the Ministry of the aircraft ladder," Deputy Minister Do Thang Hai said that "this is a pity for Minister Tran Tuan An and the Ministry of Industry and Trade."

Mr. Hai said that after Minister Tran Tuan An received a letter of apology, the ministry conducted an inspection, analyzing the information and informing the leadership of the ministry and the party committee of the ministry of industry and commerce.

“The ministry is checking which individuals and groups participate in the above offense. We confirmed that after reviewing the liability report, it will act in accordance with the regulations in order not to repeat. similarly, strictly follow the standards of greetings of leaders, and when the results are obtained, the ministry will announce this publicly, ”Hai said.

Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce Do Thang Hai. Photo: Viết Tuân

Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce Do Thang Hai. a photo: Write Tuan

In addition, the Minister, Government Chancellery Mai Tian Dong, said that after receiving information from public opinion, Minister Tran Tuan An “voluntarily took it upon himself to set an example and receive a letter.” sorry. "

“The Prime Minister asked to view this as a common lesson with leaders and government officials. Thanks to this incident, press supervision was also shown; people are very good, reflecting in a timely manner in front of the ministries. There are corrective measures in the industry, ”said Mai Tien Dung.

Earlier, on January 8, Minister of Industry and Commerce Chan Tuan An signed a document demanding an apology, because the ministry "used public vehicles to greet the family of the minister."

The incident occurred at 6:30 pm on January 4, when security officers from Noibai International Airport guarded the control cars of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to greet guests at the airport’s parking lot. This is the standard of welcome for heads of ministries.

According to the investigation, on January 3, the Ministry of Industry and Trade received a letter sent to the Northern Aviation Administration and its associated units about the reception of Minister Tran Tuan An. The ministry reported that Tran Tuan An went to Ho Chi Minh and returned to Hanoi on January 4 at 5:00 pm on flight VN262. The Office of the Ministry proposed the Administration of the Northern Airport to facilitate the reception of the Minister on the platform of the airport and at the station VIP A.

However, Mr. Tran Tuan An is not on this flight. The source said that the person receiving the blue sea car of the Ministry of Industry and Trade was Tran Tuan An’s wife.

On January 4, Minister Tran Tuan An 'held two events in Hanoi: Minister of Energy and Mining Industry Laos Hammani Infirat; awarded the decision to appoint Mr. Le Triou Doungou, Director of the Department of Trade Protection. These events are reflected on the Ministerial Portal.

Vietnam's foreign exchange reserves rose by more than 4 billion dollars in January

Also at the press conference, Mr. Mai Tian Dung said that in January 2019, macroeconomics remained stable, the consumer price index (CPI) increased by only 0.1%; Vietnam bought more than $ 4 billion of foreign exchange reserves (about $ 63 billion at the end of 2018).

Last month, the industrial production index increased by almost 8% compared to the same period in 2018. Total retail sales of goods and consumer services increased by 12.2%.

The government noted that the demand for goods at the end of the year is very high, so in January there is a trade deficit (exports of $ 20 billion, imports of $ 20.8 billion).

Minister, Chairman of the Government Staff Mai Tien Dung. Photo: Viết Tuân

Minister, Chairman of the Government Staff Mai Tien Dung. Photo: Viết Tuân

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce should synchronously and effectively implement solutions to increase exports and control imports in accordance with the goals. “In 2018, we had a trade surplus of about 7.5 billion US dollars, in 2019 there is no reason for a trade deficit, but there must be a solution, because foreign investment (FDI) is so large that it is easy to keep . a high trade deficit, ”said the Prime Minister and instructed the Ministry of Industry and Trade to submit a proposal on trade disputes in general and a trade dispute between the United States and China, affecting FDI in Vietnam.

The Prime Minister said that immediately after Theta, he would chair a meeting of the Permanent Government to decide on a number of issues for the Ho Chi Minh – Trung Luong – My Tuan – Can Tho highway to ensure a quick route. commissioned to serve the development of the Mekong Delta.

"Do not let people without tet"

According to Mr. Mai Tian Dung, at the government meeting, the Prime Minister stressed: “The objectives of all levels and sectors today are to focus on Tet for people to ensure that Tet is safe, joyful and economical; so people don't have a theta. "

In addition, government leaders noted that “a huge demand is to start a campaign against crime, to ensure social security; introduce new methods of action and measures to minimize road traffic accidents. ”

Along with this, ministries, branches, and local areas need to take care of production, business, and services in order to accelerate development, immediately after Tet, work begins, not delay, neglect, including administrative bodies, services; limiting the negative aspects of the festival during and after tete.

The Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of Labor, the Disabled, and Social Affairs to study holidays in Tete until 2020, including the Singapore model.

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