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The billionaire's maid is stuck in the elevator of a 3-day world

Wednesday, 1/30/2009 21:15 (GMT + 7)

Go into the elevator when the elevator has a problem, and stop working, the maid is locked in the "closed box" at the weekend, and no one will know about it.

The billionaire's maid stuck in an elevator for 3 days - 1

Portrait of billionaire Warren Stevens – the owner of a spacious 5-story property in New York.

Warren Stevens’s maid, Marites Fortaliza, was rescued on Monday morning after three days in the elevator at home. Currently, the woman was brought in an emergency and was in a stable condition.

The billionaire owns a 5-storey house in the Manhattan (New York) area. At the end of the week, each family member is absent for 3 days, so no one knows about the incident that the maid experienced.

As the CEO of investment bank Stevens, Mr. Warren is among the billionaires of the world. The total assets of this businessman fell to 2.4 billion dollars.

According to investigative data, only the maid Fortizila looks at home on the weekends. The incident occurred on Friday evening, just by the time when Fortazila entered the elevator. The staircase was hard, did not move in the distance between the 2nd and 3rd floors.

Until Monday morning, when a family member and a delivery service worker saw an inactive elevator calling 911 (emergency phone number in the US), everyone who discovered the maid was locked up. in the "closed box" for 3 days.

The investigating authorities are investigating whether Fortaliza did not bring a cell phone for help or whether the emergency button on the elevator did not work.

“When we arrived and opened the elevator door, we were shocked to see the woman inside. We were told that the elevator does not work, and not that someone was stuck in the elevator for several days, and no one knew about it, ”said the firefighter involved in the rescue.

The billionaire's maid stuck in an elevator for 3 days - 2

The maid was stuck in the elevator at the very moment when every family member was not at home.

Firefighters are forced to enter an elevator stuck in the middle of two floors to save Fortaliz. Later, she was immediately taken to Vale Cornell Medical Center in the city. Despite losing the country after 3 days stuck in an elevator, Fortaliz quickly recovered.

A billionaire spokesman said Fortaliza has been working for the Stevens family for 18 years, and the owner also considers her a "family member."

“The Stevens family breathed a sigh of relief when they learned that she was recovering well in the hospital. The cause of this sad incident is being investigated, and appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that such incidents never happen again, ”a spokesman said.

In fact, cases of elevators that occur, such incidents rarely occur. The building's elevator system has been in good condition since the last inspection last July.

However, at the end of the weekend, visitors shopping at a mall in the UK also experienced terrifying moments when the elevator had serious problems and it shook for 40 minutes.

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After a month of being stuck in an elevator, the victim was discovered only after his death and decomposition of the body.

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