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Stunned by the emergence of a “god” of a new generation,

Eric Chien just participated in a prestigious international magical competition held in Korea, and received the highest award, he immediately attracted the attention of skillful magic skills, immediately attracted the audience. A comparison immediately took place with Shin Lim, although Erik's art was smaller than the sharp rise of Shin.

Eric Chien also performed close-up magic with a card using a string, Eric made the card color changed, cut the card, turned the card into a coin, and crushed all the cards and brass. cents in "nowhere."

Recently, visiting a magical contest organized by the International Federation of Magical Societies in Busan (Korea), Eric won the grand prize in the Macro Magic category.

With a string on the magic table, Eric can perform a variety of magical movements with a map. Speech by Eric won the judges and spectators at the competition, helping him win the highest award and immediately noticed the magical world.

Currently, Erik's video clip was shown on YouTube and drew over 3.6 million views. In fact, in the exam, not only did the color change the cards, Eric also changed the color of the shirt he was wearing in a split second.

Organized by the International Federation of the Digital Community, which is held every three years in different countries. The competition will take place in Quebec, Canada, in 2021. The competition began in 1961.

Eric Chien was born in the USA and currently lives in Beijing, China. “Winning this award is a great success in my career, but this is only the beginning,” he said humbly.

Stunned by the emergence of a “god” of a new generation,

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