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One mother went to France to ask for a happy child from union members

On January 30, the Department for the Execution of Civilian Decisions of the City of Ho Chi Minh, under the leadership of Executive Director Ngo Thanh Hung, forced Mr. Azais (born in 1975, a French citizen) to return the girl S.T.K. (born in 2014) for mother Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen (born in 1985, Khanh Hoa's hometown).

The execution of the decision was also witnessed by representatives of the HCM People’s Prosecutor’s Office, the Ho Chi Minh City Children's Association, local authorities, the regional police …

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Huyen is happy to take her child.

“After so many days, after all the difficulties and difficulties that I had to overcome, I was happy to cry when the results were good … Now I don’t know what to say when happiness breaks and meets again. cared for children raised their children, watched them grow every day. Before that, when the sentence came into force, I prepared my own room, prepared everything to bring me back, my mother was reunited. She is going to go to school and get to know the world, but I really don’t know how to take care of her, but I will try to give her the best, ”said Ms. Huyen.

Performer Ngo Thanh Hung said that the return ceremony took place in about 20 minutes. “Everything is better than expected, unlike what I was worried about before. The child ran back and hugged his mother in front of everyone. Everyone was touched. The bloodline was amazing to her. ” He should be away from his mother for more than four years, since he was 3 months old, Mr. Azais did not sign the protocol at the meeting yesterday, he did not pass his daughter’s passport.

According to the case file, Huen has an affair with Mr. Azise. However, when Heyen was pregnant before the 6th month, there were many conflicts, two people broke up.

On August 14, 2014, she gave birth to a girl named S. The hospital issued her two birth certificates in Vietnamese and English. When she was in the hospital, Mr. Azais brought a birth certificate in English to the French consulate in Ho Chi Minh City in order to issue a birth certificate and apply for a passport for the child.

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Waiting for more than 4 years, Huyen again took the child.

After leaving the hospital, Ms. Huyen moved to live with relatives in Vung Tau. Two months later, Ms. Huyen moved to Ho Chi Minh City. Every day, Mr. Azais still raises the child home for several hours, and then returns it to his mother. As usual, on November 29, 2014, Mr. Aziz came to pick me up, but then did not return.

In early February 2015, Ms. Huyen learned from the Immigration Department that Mr. Azais and her daughter had left Vietnam. After long attempts to contact Azais to see him, the mother decided to go to France alone to file a lawsuit.

Since the child was taken away, Huyen has repeatedly relied on the French consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, so the people working here know the story of Juen. They also sympathize and share with Huyen because of what she is experiencing. Therefore, when Huen is going to go to France to find his children, all procedures are performed very quickly.

At the beginning of 2016, the court of first instance and jurisdiction Albi was in the court of justice in Albi, who was considering the case. After many hearings on June 23, 2016, this court instituted a civil case in custody disputes.

Accordingly, the court confirmed that Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Heyen and Mr. Stefan Azays are the parents of S. After Mr. Azais brought the child to France, he could not take care of his own children, but allowed the child to give birth. lives with her grandmother (Azais biological mother in Albi).

The verdict also stated that Mr. Azayz regularly gives the child to his mother, the longest time being a fortnight without supervision. The elderly grandmother takes care of the whole upbringing.

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Ms. Huyen thanked lawyer Chan Thi Ngoc Nu for escorting.

In the petition, Huyen asked the court to give Huyen the right to raise the child and keep her passport. Mr. Azice will bear all the costs of education for the child. In court, Huyen testified that Juen raised and cared for her child from birth until the child was taken from her mother’s hands and was illegally deprived of her. She used many ways to meet her. And Heyen's desire is to take care of the child directly.

Therefore, the court decision decided: “Mr. Azais must immediately return the child of this mother, and Ms. Nguyen (Thi Thanh Huyen) returned to the country along with S. Mr. Azayze also had to pass her passport. son for Huyen. "

However, after this decision, Mr. Azais still did not transfer the child to the mother. One Huyen returned home due to the expiration of the visa.

After that, Mr. Azais and his daughter entered Vietnam. She also received Azais notice of him and his daughter, who lives in Tao Ding County, District 2, but she still hasn’t seen her again.

When Heyen did not receive help from his daughter's father, he sent a sentence to the People’s Court of Vietnam asking for a confession. On August 4, 2016, the people's court of district 2, in which Mr. Azais lived, decided to apply a temporary emergency measure prohibiting him and his daughter from traveling.

After this, the Family Court and the HCMC Juvenile Court recognized and executed this decision in Vietnam. However, Mr. Azais appealed to the High-level People’s Court in Ho Chi Minh City with a request to cancel the decision on recognition of the decision of the Court of General Jurisdiction in Albi, located in the Court of Justice in Albi (France).

However, at the trial today, Mr. Azais was unable to clarify the new circumstances of the case when Vietnam and France signed civilian judicial support, therefore, the Group decided to reject the appeal of Mr. Azais on sentencing. Appraisers.

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