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Not at the new concert, Jenny (BLACKPINK) repeatedly showed signs of lack of vitality in 2018?

Recently, the first BLACKPINK member debuted how Jenny achieved such impressive achievements as “destroying” digital music charts in the country, beating TWICE and BTOB to win trophies, become artists The hottest Kpop 2018 solo on YouTube …

However, besides the positive side, Jenny still left a lot of bad impressions in the BLACKPINK fan, in particular, as well as in Kpop fans in general. First of all, this participant had a superficial dance performance at the first concert of the YG women's group in Korea in mid-November. After this incident, Jenny focused on MXH, receiving quite a lot of criticism from network users about her attitude to the "princess."

Not stopping there, the video comparing the moments of Jenny’s scene this year from two years ago is also a wonderful subject. In particular, there are several scenes that show not only the concert, but Jenny also did not jump to other events this year. After two days of publication, the video attracted more than 1.5 million views.

Looking at this photo, you can clearly see how Jenny missed the choreography, and the rest of the members still brag about …

Moreover, her movements lack determination and strength.

Watching the video, a segment of Internet users expressed dissatisfaction, even angered Jenny’s lack of professionalism on stage, and also said that YG’s excessive hangover made her upset. star fever. In addition, they felt guilty for the other three members:

“I just want to say this: Liza injured her ankle during the shooting of“ Real Men 300 ”, but still had an excellent performance at a Japanese concert, despite the high temperature, Rosa fell on the stairs, bent, but still occupied“ DDU-DU DDU-DU ”and“ Forever Young ”and even apologize to the fans because they cannot work well in fansign, Jisoo has improved the ability to sing and dance while working hard. Meanwhile, Jenny suffers from a disease of the stars.

"If the other participants jumped like Jenny in the events, I could understand that they were going to dance at the rehearsal, but while the members did their best, Jenny danced as It makes her very unprofessional."

“What did she think she was doing? Nobody thought that she was dancing like that? ”Jenny was disrespectful to other members, and also to fans when she jumped so superficially.

Contrary to these points of view, some Jenny supporters say that because her health is not very good, the outfit is inconvenient or the schedule is tight, which leads to her lack of energy in the show. yourself:

“Jenny may not have felt so good in her body, so she just jumped.”

– “Many cease to criticize Jenny, maybe she does not have enough energy or inconvenience because of the new costumes.”

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