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New year, new commission for exchanging money is very high

Wednesday, January 30, 2019, 17:30 (GMT + 7)

January 29 (December 24), commercial banks are preparing for a Tet vacation, so changing money is more difficult than in previous days. Meanwhile, the demand for a change of money of new people is still very high, which creates conditions for external services to increase their fees.

Although during working hours, Ms. Mai An (residing in District 9, Ho Chi Minh) is still busy with calls, sending messages to her friends in NH to change money to get ready for her hometown, but almost hopelessly. Luo did not have the money to return to her hometown, and Mai An had to look for money-exchange services advertised on the Internet. Accordingly, simply enter the keyword "change money, change money" on Google or social networks, and immediately hundreds of thousands of results will appear within a few dozen seconds. All sites offer a detailed table of exchange services for customers. However, the exchange can still be evaluated with the service in order to get a more reasonable fee.

By phone, Ms. Mai An met a man who called himself Ngokok and specialized in exchanging new money and any changes in Ho Chi Minh City. He said that he was ready to exchange money for all denominations delivered to the place if the guests were in the central part of Ho Chi Minh City, but the fees for them were quite high.

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A new table of exchange fees posted on the site. (Screenshot)

“I want to exchange 5 million new coins with a face value of 20,000 dongs, the maintenance fee is 10%. When counting, I have to pay up to 5.5 million dong. Change the nominal value of not more than 10 000 dong, the fee increases. up to several tens of percent, ”said Ms. Mai An. She said that when he heard the high wages, a man named Ngoc agreed to reduce it to 9% and delivered to the place.

According to the reporter of the newspaper Nguoi Lao Dong, the fee for exchanging change money is different, but quite high, from 4% to 10%, with currencies of 20,000 or more dong. Customers who want to change how much money and home delivery can also be delivered to individuals and businesses. In particular, for banknotes with a small denomination of cotton, such as 500 dong, 1000 kroons, 2000 dong, exchange fees are 270-300%, but they cannot be changed to a large extent and are not 100% new money. People exchange these small denominations mainly to go to the temple to celebrate the first year.

Many employees of a commercial bank say that transferring money from the Tet festival this year is not as easy as every year, especially in small denominations. Some people could not convert denominated money in the amount of 10,000 dong to other types, such as 20,000 dong, 50,000 dong …

According to the leader of the State Bank branch of Ho Chi Minh, new changes in Tet this year occur less frequently than every year, but there is no shortage of them, and all the needs of credit institutions in cash are met. During the year, the agency fully complied with the structure of monetary denominations; therefore, there was no shortage and new money was spent in the months of the year, and not accrued at the end of the year, as before.

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