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Miss and 2 second place with the same frame as the series of clones

Beginning of June, competition Miss India created a huge wave of controversy when she posted a poster containing 30 candidates. beautiful and rivaling. In particular, all 30 candidates were strangely similar. In the picture, all the beauties have a pale expression, long hair and a similar “copy and paste” look. All of these factors make viewers unable to distinguish anyone.

These ideas for the first time such a rare phenomenon occurred at a prestigious beauty contest in the country. However, by revealing the image of Miss Misson, Runner 1 and 2 in the Miss India 2018 competition, new netizens allow fire because these 3 beautiful people are the same as the 3 sisters.

Photo of the coronation caused by Miss India: Miss and 2 second place with the same frame, but similar to the mass replication - Photo 1.

3 beauty runner 2 – miss – 1 runner with the same surprise

Comparing each of the contours of India’s most beautiful 3-year-old face in 2018, we clearly see that they all had a strange resemblance: from high cheekbones, eyes, skin color to a smile. Moreover, the makeup of all three is similar to “copy and paste,” especially for eyebrows and lipstick. This is what exudes the similarity of the Miss and 2 second place.

These 3 beauties are reported to rank second, respectively, Shreyya Rao Kamavarapu, Runner 1 Meenakshi Chowdhary and Miss Meenakshi Chowdhary. Miss Minakshi represented India to participate in Miss World 2018, but stopped only at the top 30. It shows the quality of beauty contests in a country with a declining population.

Photo of the coronation of Miss India: Miss and 2, runner-up with the same frame as the mass circulation - Photo 2.

Source: India Times

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