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MC from MC Yean Duyen talks about 10-year old love and rumors of hacking entertainment.

Duy Han and MC Qi Duyen are known as one of the smart guys. Both had more than 10 years together, without signing up for marriage. However, since the beginning of 2018, the couple caught the rumors.

When asked about this, he said: “We still live together and now, indeed, I officially became a partner with my new boyfriend. A helper means that you are really happy, happy when another person can enjoy another, as well as from each other completely free. I do not part, but I am free in all things, although he has the right to choose the right person, but I do not … "

Meet Du Han in the premiere of “What to do” by M. V. Ho Le Tu, he has a frank share in connection with MC Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen.

– He and the MC staff of the coastal states do not appear together, as before, both rumored to have broken the time, the true love story of two people now?

I can not answer at this time, because it is personal. Sean is a well-known MC, she’s been in the country for a long time, so I think I’ll be talking about this at a suitable stage.

For me, the United States is always perfect and extremely smart. When I was with her, I was very pleased and learned a lot.

“I don’t want to mention a famous girlfriend, but he is often a newspaper and public opinion called“ Boyfriend Qi Yan ”, what do you think about that?

I'm used to it. Even people do not know my name, but simply “the US boyfriend.” However, I think it is normal to love a celebrity. I do not even think about getting rid of this name, but I think that the more people know me, the better. My task is to do my job well, so that it does not affect the name (laughs).

– He is not under pressure to love a celebrity too smart, like the coast of the United States?

No, I feel fine. Qin Wei is well known and well known in her field, and I am also smart in my field. My domain is financially not as bright and brilliant as in show business, so few people know me.

When I moved to MC for some programs, I learned more at Ky Duyen and some friends. Being an MC, a longtime employee, a very famous and widely loved public, Qi was guided and showed me something, and this is very good for my hands. I am very lucky that I have a good MC to say it.

– Love someone older than you, what do you find interesting?

Actually, I and Ki Duyen are not much older than me, but I do not understand why people continue to “draw”, because we are too different. She is 2 years older than me. Therefore, I feel as normal as other couples. We are very harmonious in everything.

I am currently working with a company with the United States. She is a subsidiary in the USA and I am in Vietnam. We exchanged and communicated normally. Besides, I have a good relationship with my daughter. Every time they come to Vietnam to play with me.

– He lives in Vietnam for almost 6 years, how is his life now?

I do business mostly. My company is responsible for the import of functional products and distribution in the Vietnamese market. In Vietnam for 6 years, I also got used to life and work here. One year I went to America four times to visit my family. I still maintain relationships with foreign artists such as Huong Tui and Truk Lin.

In addition, sometimes I have MC and join MV with some artists at the invitation. I feel happy with these two works, because it complements and helps each other grow. However, my strength and passion are still business.

– MV with singer Ho Le Thu has many “hot scenes”. Is it difficult to shoot with your partner?

No, this is not the first time I've done this. I used to play music videos with many foreign artists such as Thanh Ha, Lam An … I watched Ho Le Tu as a younger sister, we have been playing together for more than ten years, so I saw this shooting in the MV format quite simple. Moreover, there are more than a dozen cameras and dozens of people, so I can’t do anything (laughs).

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