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Live England v Croatia Croatia Football League Today 18/11

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Until the last round, Group 4 was the most open in the UEFA League of Nations 2018/19. All three teams in Spain, England and Croatia have a chance to finish first in the final. Spain led, but played all four games and got six points. Meanwhile, England and Croatia are pursuing the same 4 points.

Compared with the meeting at the 2018 World Cup, the two teams are very different. On the Croatian side, many of the main attackers who helped make the team so successful in Russia are still missing with their teammates (subasic goalkeeper, midfielder Korluka or forward Manzukicha). Farewell to the national team. Their retreat leaves a big gap. The goats did not have a good substitute for Subasik and Mandzukic.

Zlatko Dalic has struggled over the past few months, but has not yet filled in the blanks. Croatia is no longer as active as in the 2018 World Cup. Dalić squad scored eight goals in the UEFA League, losing second place in League A behind Iceland, conceding 13 goals.

Although Croatia has weakened, there have been positive changes in the UK. After the 2018 World Cup, coach Gareth Southgate continues to test many tactics and new factors. These changes increasingly show results.

The most memorable moment of Southgate since the World Cup 2018 is the transition from 3-4-2-1 to 4-3-3. With this new map, England won 60% of the match. In particular, the defensive game is definitely better, only an average of 0.8 goals per game. In addition, the Southgate coach successfully tested many new factors, such as Ben Chilwell, Callum Wilson … and revived the scoring instinct in Marcus Rashford.

In terms of style, England is better than Croatia. He also has a solid frame, in contrast to the situation did not find a solution to the pillars in the Balkans. In addition, the game at Wembley is a great advantage for England. Over the past two years, they have been unsurpassed for 94% of the games in the legendary church.


Of course, the Southgate coach should play the best players, and only three of them played in a friendly fight with the United States a few days ago (3-0 win). It was Pickford's goalkeeper, left-back Chilwell and midfielder Delphi. The remaining eight are Kane, Sterling, Gyor, Walker, Stones or Rushford, who are Southgate's favorites at the national level.

Coach Dalic has only one adjustment compared to the Spanish 3-2 win over Spain a few days ago in the UEFA League. Nikolai Vlasic (forward of the Russian national team at CSKA 1997) replaced Ivan Rakitic in the center of the field. Modric, Perizik, Rebic, Brozovic, Lovren, Vrshalko, but the power of the decline in the 90-minute struggle with Spain.

On the 2nd minute of the match in Croatia again surprised. The mistakes of the Stors center defender turn the goalkeeper from the Pickford team from safety to help “replace”. Vlasic chance to start a goal was empty, but the ball was too high compared to the ball. horizontal. Since only the winning team has a gift, and the losers even have to lower the B rating, so they both support the attacking game and help the open high tempo.

In the 11th minute, Kane slammed the standard for Stirling to get into the penalty area, but did not win the goalkeeper face to face. At the corner shortly afterwards, the center back “Stones” hit his head, and if Kane became more consistent than he almost certainly opened the scoring goal. At the 16th minute, Delf rushes to the goalkeepers of Sterling and Kalinich to expel them. The ball went into the place of Harry Kane, and after several careful operations, the captain of the England team shot the ball, the goal of the ball was no longer guarding the goalkeeper, but the ball hit the Croatian player. Nevertheless, Kane held the ball later, and the second shot was launched closer, but this time Kalinin goalkeeper retreated to prevent an attack.

In the 22nd minute, Pickford's goalkeeper struck a lightning strike on the Croatian side and Rushford had the opportunity to demonstrate his pace. However, at the crucial moment, Vrsalko made a defensive attack. to win the ball.

Team Competition
English (4-3-3):
Jordan Pickford; Kyle Walker, Joe Gomez, John Stones, Ben Chilwell; Ross Barkley, Eric Gyor, Fabian Delph; Marcus Rushford, Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling.
Croatia (4-2-3-1): Lovre Kalinic; Sime Vrsalco, Dejan Lovren, Domgoy Vida, Tin Jedvai; Luka Modric, Marcelo Brozovich; Ante Rebić, Nikola Vlasic, Ivan Perisic; Andrey Kramarik.

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