Friday , January 22 2021

Line up Vietnam Tel Cambodia, opportunities to tackle Van? | sport

Dang Van Lam will still appear in the goal from the start. Lama's performances in the West in three matches against Laos, Malaysia and Myanmar are the basis for his ensuring an “inviolable” position in the team at this time. Therefore, there is no reason Park should take Dang Van Lam to the bench to make room for Nguyen Tuan Man or Buy Tien Dang.

Meeting in Cambodia is a chance for Wan Wai to play his part. Picture: Trung Kien

On the contrary, Park Hang-seo will probably make adjustments in defense to ensure the safety of Vietnam’s next trip to the AFF Cup 2018. Que Ngoc Hai and Doan Van Hau have a stick Yellow card, the Korean strategist will have to carefully consider whether to leave these two players match with cambodia or not.

Another yellow card, they will not be in the semifinals of the first stage. The importance of Cinnamon Ngoc Hai and Doan Van Hau does not need to be discussed.

Opponents are not as strong as Cambodia, the coach at Hang-seo Park will accept both Que Ngoc Hai and Doan Van Hau for reservations. Instead Doan Van Hau, Nguyen Fong Hung Dui or Fam Duc Hui (Nguyen Fong Hung is the best option).

Thus, the defense of Vietnam will be Tran Din Trong – Do Dui Manh – Buy Tien Dang (central defense), the two defenders of the wing are Nguyen Trong Hoang – Nguyen Phong Hong.

Most likely, there will also be changes on the line. Nguyen Quang Hai is doing well, so it will still be in the starting lineup, Luong Xuan Truong will rest to make way for Do Hung Dung.

In the match against Myanmar, HAGL midfielder played a rather disappointing character, the replacement for him was Do Hung Dung, who played well. Listen, the central midfield of a Vietnamese couple in a match with Cambodia will be Do Hung Dung – Nguyen Quang Hai.

Vietnam was expecting a battle of Cambodia. Picture: Trung Kien

The top three players in the Vietnam national team in the next match will still have some violations. Fan Van Dyc and Nguyen Kong Phuong will probably rest after fairly successful matches.

Nguyen Anh Duc will be saved to play with teammates Nguyen Van Toan and Nguyen Van Kuyet. Because in the match with Myanmar, Nguyen Van Toan proved his ability to help the Vietnamese industry to become more abrupt. In the case of Nguyen Van Kuyu, the Park will give players of the Hanoi club the opportunity to find themselves.

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