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Heroic youths are pursued by groups of people, cutting down the street

Thursday, January 31, 2019, 20:00 (GMT + 7)

After the victim fell into a pool of blood, the target group left the scene.

The heroic youth pursued by the group beats in the middle of the street - 1

Police forces work at the scene.

On the afternoon of January 31, representatives of the De Tham police station in Tai Bin City, Tai Bin Province, reported that a young man had recently been killed and killed by a group of people in a ward.

In particular, around 11:00 on January 31, residents of Chang Hung Dao Street, De Tham Parish, Tai Bin City, Tai Bin Province, were horrified to see that a young man named T. (about 20 years old) was attacked by two young people. Another aspiration.

Coming to the door of house 103, on Tran Hang Dao Street, T. was seized by two objects and used a knife to cut his back and neck, as a result of which T. collapsed in a pool of blood.

Immediately after the initiation of the case, both subjects left the scene, leaving the victim on the street. People who witnessed the aggressiveness of two subjects immediately reported this to the police and took the injured to hospital.

An officer investigating the Criminal Police Department (PC02) of the Thai Bean Police Department, said the unit cooperated with the Tai Bin city police to investigate and clarify the circumstances of the case.

“The victims are being treated by doctors and doctors to overcome the crisis. We are currently investigating and clarifying the cause of the incident, ”the official said.

Clean the grass to prepare for the New Year, open the human skeleton at the crossroads

Clearing grass between rounds to prepare for the Tet program, a group of a dozen firefighters discovered a human skeleton.

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