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He dreamed of war, I dreamed

Thursday, 29/11/2018 08:20 (GMT + 7)

Two days, 1-12 days, is the 98th birthday of General – the former President of the country Le Douk-Anna. Last Sunday was the anniversary of his wife, In Thi Le.

In the personal Facebook of Mr. Le Mankh, Ha is written before his mother dies:

"Last year she sang:

Life is a dream

He dreamed of war, I dreamed

He was active for 45 years, the last years of her life are always with him. Both made tales of his life. Now he alone overcomes the disease "

Tens of thousands of visitors and thousands like this article. Many people are touched by the image he gave her in romantic moments, such as fairy tales. The picture was made when she was seriously ill, and if she looked closely, she saw her nose pick up the phone.

He dreamed of war, I dreamed - 1

"Privilege" … away

Poetry is also true in the lives of grandparents. He spent four wars, was injured two quarters. She works at home, brings up children, waits for her husband.

The life of grandparents, such as the life of a soldier of war, is simple but cruel.

He went south when his son was over 6 years old, his youngest daughter was over 4 years old. And so on through the battlefield. American bombers in the north, new 5-6 years for the evacuation of military camps on the roads. She stayed in Hanoi, taking care of patients at the Vietnamese-Soviet Friendship Hospital. At the weekend, she cycled to visit the children, three children who were evacuated in three places at a distance of 30-40 km from Hanoi, went to visit, mostly two children. One day, in order to visit her son, her bike stuck into the groove, people were digging at the dam, she fell on the leg of a broken arm. Stay alone to go through to help her. She went home with her broken arm.

His standards of nutrition remained, she divided him into children. Meat, she made a cake, sweets are sent to kindergarten children, to distribute to children to eat every day. Accommodation 91 Ly Nam De has a large yard, she raised her chickens to improve life. There were times when the thief cleaned the chickens. Early in the morning she went to the Dong Xuan market so that the chicken sold it exactly to her chicken and said correctly: “These chickens are mine.” Then let. After some time, a man came up to the porch and said: "Good lady, come and smoke this chicken."

When the United States stopped the bombing in the north at 70-72, children to study in Hanoi is the right time to visit school doctors. At that time in Bin Da. Saturday night she rode a bicycle; Many days are cold bones; children at the gate are trembling.

After the unification of the country, she had “privileges” that few had. On April 30-4, in 1975, she was on a plane to visit him. Returning to Hanoi, she told me a lot of strange things, but did not buy anything, just take a few shrimp from noodles. Neighbors were really amazed at the instant noodle packages, and then no one knew the northern area of ​​shrimp noodles.

In 1976, he was appointed commander of the 9th military district and stationed in Kan-Tho. She lives in Ho Chi Minh City. From 1979 to 1986, he served as the volunteer command and commander of Vietnam in Cambodia.

For the last 30 years of her life, she lives next to her husband, since he was Minister of Defense until the end of 2016. In the same year she was always with him.

When he was president of the country and at a time when he was absent, she followed him to visit local military units, to go abroad. She always sat next to him when she received guests at home. He spoke humbly, but smiled deeply and slightly. She is a very funny type of people in Quang, there are talented drivers talking in Hue, Binh Dinh, Fu Yen … just like real and laughing backwards, haha ​​is extremely refreshing.

He dreamed of war, I dreamed - 2

President Le Duc Anh and his wife visited the regiment of the Air Force 937 in May 1996

She took care of him every time, sleep. Even in the hospital, they still love him at home, eating rice. He often overcomes the disease to help her with a little strength, with knowledge, the experience of the doctor and the heart of his wife. When she cared, he was hospitalized. She was hospitalized, he visited her almost every day, squeezed her hands and stroked her hair for hours. When they were both hospitalized, he went upstairs to visit her.

In the New Year, she prepared a bag of red lilac for grandparents to celebrate the children, the children in the house for the New Year. Her grandfather and granddaughter dump money on every bag of money in the first New Year without her.

Simple, honest is not enough

He and she are very similar because they are very simple and economical.

Living in Ho Chi Minh, she still cooks with wood, wood and wood raised in the garden. She manually cut the wood, cooked rice. Her grandmother's dress was also sewn by her. Accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City, but always dark, ohm, she leaves the room. In Hanoi, in public service, grandparents save, turn off almost everything. The faucet is small when rubbed with water and rubbed to open it for cleaning soap. She told the children that the maid was just like her.

The paper towel is torn in half. Grandparents who see who pulled out a paper towel at the same time are also reminiscent.

Nguyen Thi Nga, who served for almost 30 years, said: “She only had a few dresses from his days as president to wear them with a solemn ceremony. normal silk dresses. But people always see her beautiful.

She has trousers from the day, in the old days, in unknown years. He also: “There are two European, he wears from 1976 to the present. He rarely gives new clothes. This is a bright winter coat worn around his wrists, he still used. A cotton military shirt, pajamas clothing was a long time ago, he said that it was still in use, should not go to avoid waste, ”said senior police officer Nguyen Manh.

The grandparents kitchen has a hood for 30 years. The electric stove is also 40 years old. Corruption is going to fix it, but not for new purchases. “The station chiefs here suggest replacing, but it has saved. My brothers and sisters want to buy something new. Only when she was sick at the hospital did Hong replace his new refrigerator. (She knew that if they left the station, they would be angry.)

In order not to equip, not buy, he also limited himself to receiving other gifts. Lieutenant-General Nguyen Chi Vinh said that General Le Duc Anh had just left the country, his wife and his wife came to visit, they saw that the table was slightly twisted and was filling dishes. The pair bought two sets of Minh Long dishes, a table, and 6 chairs for donations. In the afternoon, we note that the school guard called to say: "Mister, he just asked for a plate, because the next meal goes at the table to the calf."

Eating grandparents is also simple. Every morning, fellow Mrs. Nga holds a pen and paper to the table with her menu of the day. She told me to buy less, eat enough. In fact, from the time when he served as minister under the president, his diet has hardly changed. He often eats boiled shrimps, sour shrimps, rim ribs, bitter melon soup, sour soup. In the morning there is still sweet potatoes … Delicious, he eats a lot, eat less to eat less, not to say anything.


In life, the birth of a foreigner is common sense, but those who have witnessed their feelings for many years have discovered the difficulty of generals born from death when they were separated from his relative. She died November 18, 2016.

During hospitalization, after breakfast, he waited for a message from the hospital in 108 newspapers to find out the details of her health. In the afternoon he visited her for about an hour. Even until she no longer recognized him, he sat quietly in his arms, stroking her hair. A few weeks before her death, he had a small accident. That day he was tired of visiting her, as usual. However, when he finished dinner, just to rest at a time when the hospital calls her very tired, he needs to immediately. Upon arrival, he took her hand for about 5-7 seconds, she died. He held her hand for a long time.

At that time, at the funeral home of the Ministry of Defense, the 96-year-old general was sitting in a wheelchair around his seat, raising his arms to say goodbye to her. The old man was shaking with tears when he sent his friend to his last resting place.

Now he was in the hospital, resisting violence. You are always with him to win the battle with your partner.

Her altar in 5A Hoang Dieu is always warm smoke, simple, elegant.

Ms. Nga bright bright water, a pencil to burn and buy fruit, set for lunch, after lunch the brothers to burn incense for her.

Ms. Nga recalled her first impression of her 30 years ago: “My hair is silvery and I laugh very well. She is so beautiful. For the past few years, I have been with my grandparents even more than my parents. Brothers and sisters in the family are very similar to their grandparents, simple, unobtrusive and profitable. They rarely express their feelings through words … "

Ms. Vo Thi Le is the only woman who lived in the camp with her husband for 30 years. Like him, she slept on a military-style bed for decades. The house of grandparents is worthy of preservation and preservation of historical and spiritual values.

Where you live is a special space that is characterized by clean soldiers and communists.

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