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Giving Tet bonuses to his wife, his son uttered a phrase that shook a man – a young man

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 17:13 (GMT + 7)

Only one sentence of the child, the man was deeply sorry.

Recently, the proportion of men in the Chinese social network is of interest to the public.

Giving Tet bonuses to his wife, the son said a phrase that shook a man - 1

According to this man, he worked very hard over the past year, so not only did he promote, receiving the admiration of his colleagues, thanks to the leaders, he would also receive a Tet bonus at the end of the year. His total Tet bonus is 66,000 yuan (over 230 million won).

When he got a Tet bonus, he was very happy. Remembering a year ago, his wife was equally miserable, lonely and caring for the whole family without a single complaint, he decided to give all his Tet bonuses to his wife, thank his wife and hope for compensation. my flaws.

However, when Tet gave bonuses to his wife, his son suddenly turned to say: “Mom is good, the end of the year deserves a prize. Mom is much better than my father. I only know that I work, I drink all day, sing, come home, smoke, not wanting to play with my children, do not pay attention to me during the holidays, I really should not get bonuses for tee. ”

His son's statement stunned the momentary man, starting to look at himself and think a lot. He said that he really regretted that he worked so hard and forgot about his family.

After this time, he will pay attention to the balance between work and family, hoping that his story will help warn people not because it is too focused on business, career, forgets that the new thing is the most important thing.

After the share of this person was published, everyone received great recognition.

“Money is available, family is really important, having money does not gain time, remember, please remember carefully,” “Despite the economic pressure, a lot of working pressure, so playing with your children and with your older children is really a time when cannot buy gold, he also realizes it early. ", Netizens commented.

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