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Gangs from Hanoi to Dong Nai loan interest

Ut Group works in a black loan with a contract for the sale of mobile phones with installments, the interest rate is 40% per month.

On January 30, the police in Bien Hoa City (Dong Nai) brought Nguyen Van Ut (32 years old, born in Hanoi) and six defendants to justice. Providing great interest in civil transactions.

The suspect group was prosecuted. Photo: Tai Ha

A member of the bank with a high interest loan was held accountable. a photo: Tai ha

According to the investigation, 3/2018 Ut sent a gang from the north to the city of Bien Hoa for rental housing, installments with an interest rate of 40% per month. In order to expand the scope of activities and show great prestige, Ut hired many employees in the Trang Bom, Tong Nhat and Din Kuan areas.

Loan agreements are legalized by entering into a mobile phone transaction, in which the borrower must pay in installments on both the principal amount and the interest.

The investigating authorities determined that for almost a year of operation, Ut and his colleagues concluded 570 loan agreements worth hundreds of millions of Dong.

Phuoc Tuan

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