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Games “The Only Guy” has deprived the contestants of the award for being the single mother of Lao Dong | LAODONG.VN

However, as the final winner of the Bachelor of Vietnam program, Tui Duong was deprived of a prize for hiding his single mother.

“Single Man” was licensed from Warner Bros., which was broadcast every week starting at 8:30 pm on August 14, 2015 on HTV7. The last episode of the show was released on November 13th,

Immediately after the last episode of "The Bachelor Vietnam – One boy”Was published, a wave of outrage among the audience was raised when Tew Duong – the participant decided to confess to a single mother.

Tay Duong cry when he confessed that he is a single mother.

Although the United States is "One boy“They accepted it, but the girls participated in the program, as well as men's MCs, and the audience was extremely surprised and angry at this information.

Tuyu Duong added that she decided to hide her single mother because there was so much obsession that she couldn’t open her personal life.

Many viewers find it difficult to take Tew Duong’s misleading actions. Previously, a single mother had to leave the program, because Quoc Trung believed that it was impossible to change the relationship with the child.

The MC and the girls participated in the show when they heard how Thuy Duong is recognized.

After a number of critical comments from the audience, recently, on the official page of the Fan-page, they posted an official notice of the deprivation of the Thuy Duong prize.

“After the incident, the organizers discovered that the participant Bui Thuy Duong deliberately concealed information with the organizers, seriously violated the rules of the program and seriously affected the reputation. Like faith, love of the audience, observation and support of the program "2018 singles".

Therefore, the organizers of the program “The Singer 2018” continue to withdraw all the awards that were awarded to Thuy Duong at the end of the program, ”the organizers said.

Thuy Duong will receive a cash prize of 200 million VND, a membership card of 200 million VND and a contract of ambassadors from major brands. ,

Mother Trung also did not accept Tew Duong, knowing the information.

Although the statement does not jeopardize the lack of transparency to affect the prestige of the program, the organizers still want the best for a couple of Thuy Duong and Quoc Trung.

The announcement from the organizers of the program received a lot of support from the audience, but many people did not file anger at Thuy Duong.

Earlier, the game "Bachelor of Vietnam – One boy“Caused controversy about strange motives for 24 girls to“ grab ”one guy.

The girls turn to chat, recognize the boys, and after each set of boys gives roses for girls, he feels good and can go far. As soon as the program broadcasts the first episodes, the idea is that the program ignores women and goes against gender equality.

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