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Female medical center officials were brutally murdered

Thursday, January 31, 2019, 15:35 (GMT + 7)

Because of conflicts, Tuan used a knife to kill a debtor in the middle of the street.

According to preliminary data, the murder occurred around 15:00 on January 29 on the 5 km circle, Vard de Tham, TP. Cao Bang (Province of Cao Bang). The suspect was identified as Nguyen Van Tuan (1971, Hanoi, currently residing in the parish of Song Hien, the city of Cao Bang). A victim named H. (about 30 years old, living in the parish of Tan Giang, the city of Cao Bang, works in the forensic center – the main hospital of the province of Cao Bang)

HOT: female employee of the medical center was brutally murdered - 1

School where the murder occurred. Photo: TL

The process of understanding PV is well known; before this, Ms. H. owed Nguyen Van Tuan the sum of 30 million. Although she asked for debt many times, Ms. H. did not pay. At about 3 pm on January 29, Tuan continued to search for Mrs. H. to ask. Conflicts occur between two people. During a fight, Tuan used a knife to strangle her neck, forcing the victim to die.

After receiving this news, CQCA soon investigated and arrested Tuan’s object.

In a conversation with P.V. Mr. Fan Tai Hawk – Chairman of the People’s Committee De Tama Ward confirmed the incident. Cao Bang temporarily detains the subject for investigation.

Uncovering the route a taxi driver was driving before he was killed in Mai Ding

A taxi company representative had initial information about the route of the driver Nguyen Van Duy, who was moving before the suspect was killed.

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