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Dong Son suffocated by bad news

Wednesday, January 30, 2019, 9 pm (GMT + 7)

Nguyen Van Duy (26 years old, Dong Son, Quang Tien, Sok Son, Hanoi) was suspected of being killed in the evening of 29.1. At this time in his hometown, his parents and young wife are pregnant with their second child.

Last night, more than 19 hours, people suspiciously found Le Quang Dao Street, the site opposite the Moi Dinh Stadium (Phu Do, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi).

The driver at that time panicked, using his hand to cover his neck with blood, Lin An escaped from a taxi and took control of 30A 909xx, controlled by his sea. Having passed about 5 meters, Dui collapsed.

Functional forces immediately get to the scene, save the victims. However, the 26-year-old male driver did not survive.

At 3 o'clock in the morning (January 30), after the work on Duy's autopsy was completed, the unfortunate victim was enveloped, and later the family took him to his hometown for a funeral.

Dong Son of the 25th morning of the lunar month, unlike the happy atmosphere, when the Lunar New Year is approaching, people here are still not shocked when they hear bad news.

The case of taxi drivers was painfully slain: Dong Son choked on the bad news - 1

Duy suffered death when he worked, leaving his pregnant wife and her young child.

Son Dong Son "falls" in the most painful way. Duy was born and raised in the village of Dong Son, the story of Duy's death and death forced his relatives and villagers to be heartbroken and sob.

Mr. Tang – Dewey's cousin, his house and Dewey's house are close to each other, everything is sad and sad. Dway lost too suddenly, forcing people who seemed tough and tough to often feel sad and sorry for thin people.

“Only gently, hard to do business. Before she drove a taxi for me, but after I sold the car, Dui lent a bank to buy a taxi.

Regardless of whether he led the day or night, it was very difficult to do business, his wife was pregnant with her second child for several months.

“The first daughter, who is over a year old, is chatting to talk, trouble has broken out,” said Dui.

A cousin recalls that last night, when he received news of his brother's accident, he and his wife Dui and his relatives went straight to the hospital. But in the middle of Mr. Tang’s road, he had to return because his brother did not run away.

The case of taxi drivers was painfully killed: Dong Son choked on the news - 2

Mr. Joy – the relatives of the victim were in pain, shocked by the bad news.

Thanks to this brother, everyone was at the funeral, because at that time his wife and relatives of Duy were busy going to the stage.

“The Dui family is also very wealthy, the children are small. Bo Dui has suffered from chronic asthma for many years, and sometimes he has to breathe oxygen. Heard me so in shock. She is the only son in the family.

Two girls were married. From now on and until now, my wife and Dewey’s children and parents have been raised up to take care of their psychological impact, ”the cousin’s driver is confident.

“Blow lost and now does not know how his wife and children live,” Mr. Ngo Van Trong (victim’s uncle, 54 years old) is sad.

The case of taxi drivers was painfully slain: Dong Son choked on the bad news - 3

Days of approaching and full of happy family holidays and the driver Duy.

According to the relatives of the victims, at the moment they want the evil player to be “targeted, named” in the near future and will soon be subject to legal punishment. As their relatives leave too suddenly, the burden now places a heavy burden on a young wife who is pregnant for 5 months.

As for the incident with a taxi driver suspected of being killed in the area of ​​the My Dinh stadium, on the evening of January 29, a representative of the taxi company Linh Anh confirmed that the company was killed in the area of ​​the My Dinh stadium.

A taxi company spokesman said that according to GPS positioning information, driver Nguyen Van Duy welcomed guests from the Soc Son economic school (near Noi Bai, Soc Son, Hanoi).

After that, Mr. Dui paid the guests through the streets of Nguyen Hoang and Pham Hung (Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi). Having stopped here for 2 minutes, Mr. Dui moved the car to the area of ​​the My Dinh stadium and it happened.

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Mr Dui had just been married for about 2 years, the couple have a child together. The victim is trying to run more …

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