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Direct PSG vs. Liverpool, 15:00 to 29/11

Direct PSG vs. Liverpool

Time: 3h 29/11

Gender: Male

Directly: K +

Both Liverpool and PSG play well in the domestic arena. The Kop were unbeatable after 13 rounds in the English Premier League, including 10 wins, they scored 26 goals and got only 5 goals. Impressive results for the Portsmouth team are second in the Premier League table, 2 points behind Man City. Since the closest rivals have problems, the red ones are the only team that can compete with the City in the race to the Premier League this season.

PSGs are so strong against the rest of League 1. The owners of the park are proud to have won the first 14 rounds of the top league of the French league in 2018/19, scored 46 goals and only 7 goals. A total of 42 points after 14 games, teacher Thomas Tuchel left the team, finishing second, Lyon to 15 points on the table. The new season went through a third of the way, but the championship is firmly in the hands of the capital of Paris.

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Playing well in the home arena, Liverpool and PSG do not play well in the Champions League. Two teams are in the same group C, the table also includes the presence of Napoli and Crvena Zvezda. This is considered to be lost in the Champions League 2018/19. As for strength, Liverpool and PSG are still better than the other two teams, but they do not show their strength.

Liverpool won two, but also suffered two defeats in four games, PSG won, split the points twice, and also once tried the bitter fruits. With 6 points, The Kop was ranked second in Group C, having the same result as Napoli, but behind the results. PSG currently ranks third with one point less than the top two. Crvena Zvezda, despite being the weakest of the table, also scored four points in four games, leaving them unchanged.

In the fifth game of group C, Liverpool are the visitors of PSG and Napoli near the Red Star at home. It is likely that the representatives of Italy will take all 3 points against the Serbian national team in order to continue to play after the fifth game, Liverpool and PSG will have to make a decision in the court of the prince, who takes advantage. receive tickets through group stages.

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