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Chinese super athletes behave in shock, Vietnam has HCV: it's fake

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 00:04 (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, backstage news) It seems that Vietnam will have a chance to win more ASIAD HCV, but this can not be.

Newspaper The Sunday Times The Times in London (United Kingdom) reported on January 27 Sun Yang (China) Olympic champion in swimming and the world can get a ban on lifelong competition due to subtle behavior. Accordingly, he had bad behavior with the staff of the anti-doping agency, and this is the reason why the swimming of the Chinese “prince” can be strictly punished and prohibited from participating in competitions.

Chinese super athletes behave in shock. Vietnam has HCV: it's fake - 1

Sun Yan (center) sued British newspaper for misleading, which seriously affected his psychology.

If Sun Yang is banned, the Vietnamese fisherman Nguyen Hai Hoang will benefit greatly, in his eyes he will be able to get the 1,500 meter ASMAD HCV from the hands of the enemy, then for the Olympic 2020 and 2022 years.

Sun Yang recently authorized a law firm in Beijing to file a lawsuit against the Times because of false information that affected honor, prestige and privacy violations.

At that time, The Times was supposed to act as a false report, affecting prestige and honor, as well as Sun Yang, which caused great moral damage.

The announcement demanded that a leading British newspaper remove an article from the newsletter during the week, in addition to a public apology for removing bad images from Sun Yang and accepting responsibility according to the rules. intended to give laws.

Currently, The Times is not taking any further action, so all information remains unclear.

Chinese super athletes behave in shock: in Vietnam it is easy to "suddenly" get HCV

Due to the suspected use of doping, Sun Yan in China may be banned from playing for life.

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