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AFF Cup Final 2018

VIDEO: The historic victory of the Philippines against Vietnam

Philippines never won a semi-final match at home

In recent years, the Philippine football has just intertwined, as the Football Federation of Football calls many European-born players with a team called the United Nations Cup.

The semi-finals of the AFF Cup three times (2010, 2012 and 2014) could not get ahead of their opponents in the first place, and then lost in the second match. The Philippines didn't even score a single knockout round. This is also the reason why football fans in Vietnam can trust a story that will continue to fight the Philippines as the “fight” of the previous AFF Cup.

Uncovering Isco's cause

The history of Isco Alarcon, deleted from the registration list of the match “Real” in AS Roma, is very noticeable. As trainer Santiago Solari explained, he does not use a 26-year-old player only on the sports side – Isco has nothing to do with training or competition. However, according to a report from Manolo Lama from COPE, the reason for the Solari decision was received from last week.

“The reason he was removed from the list in Rome is the lack of respect for Solari in the history over the weekend,” said Lama.

And although Solari clearly showed Isco's role in the team, Lama said that he still decided to take him to Rome to avoid unnecessary arguments. “The intention was not to deliver him to Rome, but in the end the coach did not do this in order to keep the focus,” added Lama.

"Mourinho is outdated"

Commenting on Manchester United after unsuccessful performances this season, Rio Ferdinand said that trainer Jose Mourinho was out of time. The former England midfielder was particularly puzzled by how Mourinho beat his goalkeeper Young Boys last night.

Rio Ferdinand said: “We scored and won, but they all talked about the reaction of Mourinho. It was all focused on his actions. ”

"With Mourinho, he always said:" I won this title. " But it was in the past. Having seen how M.U plays now, I feel that he has no time. None of us could say that he was bad in previous clubs, but I wanted to talk about M.U at that time. Neither team could play the ball correctly. Mourinho seems to deliberately shy away from the fact that they are not playing at all.

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