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AFF Cup Final 2018

VIDEO: Philippines defeats Philippines at AFF Cup 2010

Vietnam Tel to prepare for the semi-finals AFF Cup 2018 meet in the Philippines. Compared to the quality of the players, the advantage leans toward Vietnam, as the Philippines has constantly suffered losses in terms of strength. However, I cannot say anything directly in matches of this type.

After going through four very successful rounds (3 wins, 1 draw, 8 goals and no goals conceded), along with the game, science and very disciplined, Tel Nam under the guidance of a Thailand Hang-seo coach are the toughest candidates for the championship. From the point of view of the veteran football player, Huy Quang Quang said that Park Hang Seo is still “hidden objects” and many surprises for the final match.

"We have not yet understood what Park is and what we need to use further. It is still felt that the coach is in many ways. The beauty of the park is that it is very unpredictable, giving the impression that the Vietnamese team has the ability to play.

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Honestly, the first group stage is not the time when we need to skip the entire song. Now is the time, because the Filipino in the semifinals is the most powerful Filipino with whom we have been facing for many years. The difficulty is that it is predictable that there will be many good players in the Philippines playing in Europe. ”

Speaking of the Philippines, BLV Quang Huy said that it would not be easy for the Vietnamese body to impose the desired game on the opponent, if using a flexible tactical team would be a wise choice.

“Looking at the Philippines, we love to watch the ball in Europe, bodybuilding, fitness and their game. Phippines are varied in the style of the game, many pieces attack, especially the ball phase at two boundaries. Adding to this – a long game of European characteristics is also dangerous.

Vietnam Tel.Obviously, at the moment we cannot and it is difficult to impose the game on opponents. So, according to Mr. Park, it was justified. In the match against Cambodia, there was a time when the defender of Vietnam Tel-Afax-4th ​​defender when Ding-Trong was transferred to the defensive midfield. Perhaps in some situation such a flexible game will be used to solve the game.

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