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Will Smith sincerely treats his difficult relationship with his eldest son

The eternal prince of rap was not always an experienced father.

Will Smith is the king of social networks and spent a little time to throw off the jokes (almost) and talk seriously.

Will and his family have always been open books, should one recognize that in a minute their marriage with Jada pinkett smith "Failed" or won the challenge In my feelingsHis latest publication is Instagram It was not at all like that.

On monday star I'm a legend posted a video in his account in honor of his son, 26 years old, Trey Smith. He spoke to the camera in a luxurious bathrobe and said: “I’m in Abu Dhabi for F1, I brought my son Trey. We spent time together, I usually select my children separately, so they have individual time with their Dad.

When he spoke, on the screen one could see the images of him and Trey.

And he continued: "So, we do it together in F1, and he said:" You know, Dad, I just realized that you are not just my dad. " He paused and said: “I’m pretty sure that you are my best friend.

At that moment the prince of Bel-Eyre's eyes filled with tears. Although it was an emotional conversation between father and son, Will, of course, explained it with a little humor: “I said yes.” [exhala], man, I guess.

Smith also explained the significance of this video and showed that everything between them is not always correct, especially after Will divorced Trey, Cherie Zampino.

“It wasn’t always the case between Trey and me,” Will wrote in the legend video. "It did not end long after my divorce from my mother; he felt betrayed and abandoned."

However, it is obvious that between these dark days everything is much better, much better. “This is a great blessing to restore and restore a loving relationship with my beautiful son,” he concluded.

Although Will and Cheri are no longer married, they have a priceless presence in their lives. November 16 will publish a tribute to Sheri on his birthday, with the image of two, carrying the child Trey. “Happy birthday, @shereezampino. #BestBabyMamaEver! 🙂

I love you, Ri-Ri, – he wrote.

Sheri replied with her praise to Wil and Jada. “Awwwwwwwww … thanks baby!” I love you too! And thanks to @ treysmith0011 for the fact that I was the cause of our union, and @jadapinkettsmith for the fact that he is caring, safe and absolutely WONDERFUL wife, mother, bonus mom and adoptive couple! "Commented.

Now Jada and Sherry are friends, but it was not easy to start. Two women talked about their relationship in the episode of the Jada show, Red table where they learned their mistakes at the beginning of their relationship with Will. Star Trip girls She said that she and Will “had no business while he was married,” but that their commitment to Jade began shortly after the separation of his first wife.

“Since I didn’t understand marriage, I didn’t understand divorce,” Jada said on the show. "I will say that I probably should have retreated."

They have already left the past behind, and the two families are very close. At one point, literally, Jada showed that she and Sheri hugged each other tightly after Will jumped out of the helicopter through the Grand Canyon on her 50th birthday.

Will and Trey left resentment in the past. Trey reprinted Villa Video and wrote: “Awwww, heaven [emoji de corazón] for you too, big guy. " In another photo of them in F1 Trey said: "We always have the BEST."

But if there is a description that best summarizes their relationship, "Dad is literally the type of my life."

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