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What will happen next for Robinson Kano and Felix Hernandez at the sailors? | AL BAT

True that Jerry Dipoto talked with other teams about the possibility of moving to the Dominican Robinson Cano, Not surprising that the general manager sailors he admitted from the first day of the off season that he is ready to consider any movement to change the list Seattle and put the team in a better position to give battle over the next two to three years.

Dipoto he made it clear that no player is untouchable, although he also stressed that he would have to get overwhelming offers to get rid of young stars like Puerto Rico, closer Edwin Diaz, Mitch Haniger and Marco gonzalesThese players represent the core around which Deeppo wants to build a team.

And for this very reason, Caño, Venezuela, Felix Hernandez and Nelson Cruz, may soon become former sailors.

Apparently, Dipoto has already decided to move forward without Cruise, who at the age of 38 is the best designated hitter in the free agent market. Canó and Hernández are still on the list of seafarers, and both are available on the exchanges, although they come with warnings. Or rather, huge contracts.

Although Hernandez’s name didn’t sound as strong as Kano’s rumors of change, the sailors wouldn’t hesitate to trade them if the other team were ready to take responsibility for a portion of the $ 27 million due to 32-year-olds. age in the last year of your contract.

The same can be said about Kano, who is now more valuable than Hernandez, but which also entails long-term economic obligations, since he has five years and 120 million US dollars left on his 10-year contract and 240 million US dollars.

Dipoto had conversations about Kano with other teams, including the Mets and the Yankees, although the movement did not seem to be coming.

But Dipoto is not afraid to move with chips, since since he took the reins of sailors after the 2015 campaign, 82 changes have occurred in 38 months. Two of his most successful moves occurred this month, when he sent James Paxton to the Yankees and Mike Zunino in the rays of the compromises, which point more to 2021 and 2022 years than next season.

That is why Hernandez can be transferred, although the reward is minimal. A native of Valencia, who had been the face of a franchise for a long time, lost his job in rotation in August, while Paxton’s injury prevented him from reuniting. But after registering a record of 8-14 and 5.55 ERA in 2018, it is possible that Hernandez has the opportunity to return to become a starter and less in a team that seeks to rebuild with an eye to the future.

Since he was in the big leagues for more than 10 seasons, and the last five were with the same team, Hernandez had the right to refuse any changes. But, given his desire to continue pitching as a starter and having got into the post-season for the first time in his career, it is difficult to imagine that he will refuse to join the other team.

Sailors may be willing to part with Hernandez without demanding much in return, given productivity and salary for the right. The case of Kano is different because last year the Dominican produced wood at the age of 35. Although he lost 80 games because of the doping suspension, the native San Pedro de Macoris had a .303 average with 10 homers and 50 RBIs. After returning from suspension, he hit .317 with six homers and 27 runs, released in 41 games.

Although the sailors would like to withdraw from the Kano contract, they are also not in a hurry to lose their offensive. The young man led the team in percentage terms at the base in 2018, taking second place (one point) after his compatriot Jean Segura, on average, and third place after Cruz and Haniger made their way.

Since he has five years left before his contract, Kano may be part of the core that Deepoto creates, especially if the veteran is ready to move from second base to first base or serve as a designated attacker.

Therefore, reports that the Mariners may include Díaz or Kyle Lewis in the package with Kano to convince a team, such as the Yankees or the Mets, to accept the Dominicans, do not seem to understand Deepo’s intentions.

Sailors are not desperate to get rid of Kano and will not yield to Diaz or Lewis, just to reduce their wages.

Dipoto is sure to hear all the offers, and his baseball operations team is notoriously unusual. But any exchange for Kano would have been made with the idea of ​​adding for the future, and not just subtracting from the present.

The ability to create economic flexibility for the future is a factor, so Deepot will have to decide which part of the Cano contract he is ready to cover. The more money the team is willing to pay Kano, the less the value of the prospect, which gives in exchange for the veteran.

When it comes to a player of the caliber of Canó and such a huge contract, any deal can be complicated. That is why, right now, this is talk and nothing more.

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