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Sean Mendez loves marijuana

Shaun Mendez this is a magazine cover Rolling stone in its December 2018 issue. In a published interview, Sean Mendez turned to rumors about his sexuality, about his relationship with Haley Baldwin, and also showed that smoky marijuana,

During the interview, Shaun Mendez He spoke about recreational use of marijuana, which is normal for a boy of his age.

I like grass. I would not tweet, at least, at least, but it is really good for me. When I'm at home, I bowl and play the guitar for hours.

But some fans are concerned for the news that Shaun Mendez marijuana smoke that began to express its surprise and disbelief. Some even felt disappointed for this.

It should be noted that Canadian marijuana rehabilitation is legally regulated in Canada. and many other places in the world therefore Sean makes no crime no attempt at his health, since research has shown that marijuana has healing properties and helps with diseases such as anxietytherefore, there is no doubt that Sean Mendez will use it for these purposes.

Although we do not condone recreational use of marijuana in places where it is not regulated by law, Shaun Mendez fully open about recreational use of cannabis, opening up a conversation to break some of myths that surround it and be honest about his mental health and everything he is experiencing right now.

It is also good that the star size Shaun Mendez to be completely honest in our habits, regardless of whether we agree with them, it is always good to know some things from the point of view of someone else.

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