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Scientists discover the form of exercises that prolong life!

It may even be outside the gyms. A type of exercise enhances the activity of an enzyme called telomerase.

Living longer and healthy has become an obsession with many. But besides the wonderful products and all this, there is one problem that cannot be ignored: exercise.

Perhaps the most studied part of anti-aging is the role of telomeres. Body what? We are talking about the protective ends of chromosomes, which naturally shrink as they mature. Now, a new study in Germany suggests that a certain type of exercise may be the key to their longevity.

The study was published in the European Heart Journal, and the methodology was to recruit 164 volunteers in Leipzig, Germany. Thanks to this study, co-author and cardiologist Ulrich Laufs showed that exercises on cardiovascular resistance change the position of telomere shortening.

Subjects of the study were divided into groups, where they performed various activities: some walked, ran, trained with high intensity at intervals, or raised weight in cars. For 26 weeks, participants conducted pre-election training three times a week.

After six months, his blood was analyzed to determine the activity of an enzyme called telomerase, which stretches the ends of telomeres using DNA blocks.

With each cell division, telomeres become shorter. “Once the telomeres have reached critical difficulty, the cell experiences aging and, finally, cell death,” explained Laufs in an Invers’s article.

They found that 45 minutes of running corresponded to an increase in telomerase activity, but the same cannot be said of a 45-minute rise or rise.

Laufs cannot fully explain why telomerase activity increases with cardiovascular resistance, rather than with weightlifting, although he believes that this corresponds to the release of nitric oxide, a molecule that has been shown to increase telomerase activity.

“This concept was established in experimental / animal models and should be tested in humans,” Ulrich concluded, adding that a light arrow three times a week would be enough to activate this process.

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