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RSF condemns the “alarming detention” of the EFE team in Venezuela

January 31, 2019 07:15
Updated January 31, 2017 07:44

Christophe Delloire, secretary general of Reporters Without Borders, on Thursday condemned the “extremely alarming” detention of an EFE agency team in Venezuela, consisting of three journalists and a driver, and demanded his immediate release.

“These are extremely disturbing detentions at the crucial moment,” said Deloire in his statements, in which he recalled the serious deterioration in reporting conditions in this country. “We already know the practice of the Nicholas Maduro regime in terms of arbitrary detentions.”

The head of RSF recalled that both EFE journalists and two French television programs Cotidienne On Tuesday, they arrested "not representatives of the governments of Spain and France, so they should not be participants or victims of a political crisis."

The EFE detainees who came to Caracas from Bogota to cover the crisis in Venezuela are Colombian photographer Leonardo Munoz, Spaniard Gonzalo Dominguez Loeda and Colombian Maueren Barriga Vargas. In addition, the driver José Salas, a Venezuelan citizen, was arrested.

He also rejected the argument proposed by Jorge Arreaz, who pointed out that journalists from foreign media visiting the country should be accredited in advance.

“When the practice of the regime is known, prior accreditation is a way to restrict the freedom of journalists.” Maduro, using a variety of media, led the information war against journalists, and foreign informers are regularly expelled, ”he explained. ,

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