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Real Madrid conquered Rome | Sports leader

They beat the Italians to gain the upper hand in their group and get a ticket for the eighth

REIMER CARREÑO | CARACAS Real Madrid won an important victory on Italian soil with a final score of 2-0 against the Gypsies and, thus, added 12 points to leave them as leaders of Group G in the Champions League.

In addition, both ontsena were eligible for the next round of the European tournament, not playing this game, thanks to the victory of Victoria Plzen against CSKA.

The game was dominated from start to finish by Real Madrid, who managed to open an account in the 47th minute through the boots of the Welsh striker Gareth Bale, using a rebound from outside the area to send the ball to the players. arch network protected by Rome.

The second landing of the White House occurred in the 59th minute when the French striker Karim Benzema turned on the Spanish winger Lucas Vasquez, who only pushed the ball for recurring joy.

Due to the fact that “Real” coped with his game in order to defend three vital points before the final whistle and, thus, celebrate the day behind his circle in an environment in which he is more comfortable and in which he has forged his legend in the last three seasons.

On the other hand, White won five times at the Olympic Stadium in Rome in the last six visits.

For his part, Roma still ranks second in the area, and their fans were amazed at the beginning of the season with a lack of brilliance and personality for the capital.

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